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Huawei’s OS Set To Compete Favourably With Android OS: Video Reveals

Harmony is just getting started as Huawei’s alternative to Android. More and more information about the new operating system is appearing. In a video that shows the new software on the Huawei Mate 40 Pro has some advantages over Android and similarities to iOS become clear.

 HarmonyOS: More than a mix of Android and iOS?

It’s getting slow but certainly serious with HarmonyOS. Huawei has developed the new operating system as an alternative to Android to make itself more independent of Google. In the meantime, the first trial versions are available for developers, and they are already showing a very positive side. It was recently revealed that Huawei had integrated a gesture for app icons into HarmonyOS that produces information without opening the app. But there is much more, as you can see below:

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At first glance, you can see the much larger app folders. Huawei allows harmony os to resize the app folder. This way, you can see which apps are in it. Also interesting is the quick settings. Depending on where you pull your finger down from above, either the notifications or quick settings will appear. The latter is very similar to iOS quick settings. According to HuaweiCentral, the tester also notes that the performance is significantly higher than Android with EMUI.

Huawei may have achieved what Apple does with iOS with its operating system. Deploy the perfect operating system for your hardware and benefit from it. In the end, battery life could develop positively. The rollout of HarmonyOS for Huawei’s first phones is scheduled to begin in June, at least in China. So it doesn’t take long.

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Huawei’s real problem doesn’t go away.

Although HarmonyOS sounds promising in this video and its features, Huawei’s real problem in Europe is not solved. Google’s apps and services are still missing. This makes it very difficult for Huawei to convince customers to buy a phone – whether with Android or HarmonyOS. The current figures show this in particular.

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