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Pixel 6: Google abandons Qualcomm chips for its first home SoC

by Joseph Richard
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Google Pixel 6

Google is planning to release its first made system on a chip made available first on the Pixel 6 series of smartphones. An engineer from Mountain View firm has confirmed that this processor by the code name in-house Whitechapel will be available. For the first time, Google will ignore Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips.

Since last year, rumors about the arrival of Google’s first soC house have multiplied. According to the information already available, this chipset GS101 (GS for Google Silicon) is called Whitechapel in-house.
To develop its first home processor, Google would have turned to Samsung Electronics. The Mountain View giant would like to take advantage of Samsung’s semiconductor expertise. De facto, the mysterious chipset promises to be close to Exynos chips on the architectural side.

Google says yes to the development of in-house Whitechapel

This comes as a surprise because we know very well that Google has never been in the front of revealing its ambitions before production plus the arrival of its first home SoC. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) updates have told that Google has now given a yes on the existence of an SoC Whitechapel.

In addition, XDA developers have reported a URL(;l=9?q=%22binder_use(%22%20p:android$%20f:gs101-policy
) published by engineers from Google. The URL is not available from the public, but it gives beneficial information that suggests the code names of the SoC from Google.

We see “gs101” and “Whitechapel,” which confirms all the information that has appeared on the web in recent months. Google is busy developing its first SoC to power its smartphones. This is not the first time a Google developer has left clues about current projects in the AOSP code. In 2018, AOSP had already revealed the arrival of 90Hz screens on the

Pixel Four months before the announcement.

In the end, it seems that Google is ready to do without the chips developed by Qualcomm, which has equipped all the Pixels so far. The latest news is that the SoC GS101 will be entering the Pixel 6, Google’s future flagship. Expected in the fall of 2021, the smartphone would be compatible with the Ultra-Wideband and would carry a fingerprint reader under the screen.

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