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For A Limited Period, These applications and games For Android and iOS Are Available.


Another Sunday is here, and with it, we continue our rundown of applications and games for Android and iOS that are temporarily in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you want to save a couple of money on the respective stores, then keep reading this article.

Free Applications and Smartphones Games for Android

These Android applications are, as of now, free

Portrait Painter (KES300): Give your photographs an individual touch by transforming them into artworks with various styles and shading range choices. (Consideration! Just until Sunday free!)

SUI File Explorer PRO (KES200): Manages records and folders on your cell phone, with the choice to ensure reports with a secret phrase, move them through Bluetooth and to outer

Home training Gym Pro (KES200): Continue your preparation routine without going out – with different projects don’t need any preparation device.

These Android games are, as of now, free.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest 1 (KES200): Complete different smaller than usual games on your way through the woods in this experience with hand-drawn designs.

Dead Bunker 2 HD (KES200): Sign up for a primary assignment – and you’ll rapidly discover that you’re managing a progression of dull trials in this first individual experience.

Cooking Speedy Premium (KES200): In this game, you need to ensure your visitors return home complete and fulfilled. Supper!

Stickman Legends (KES200): Conquer the universe of shadows in this experience that consolidates activity and RPG components.

Stickman Master: League Of Shadow (KES200): Collect weapons and protective layers to overcome beasts with your ninja capacities.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS 

These iOS applications are at present accessible.

Our Galaxy (KES 500): Explore space in 3D and become acquainted with our cosmic system better.

Picture Painter (KES 500): Give your photographs an individual touch by transforming them into portraits.

Epica 2 Pro (KES140): Add many decorations and fun foundations to your photographs.

iProfound Sleep, Insomnia Help (KES140): Listen to the audio here to loosen up your body and brain 

Qoin – Expenses and Incomes (KES1500): Keep an eye on your everyday expenses and oversee your spending plan with gadgets on your iPhone show.

Vector Logo Designer (KES700): Creates logos from a library of shapes and altering devices and fares them to various document designs.

These iOS games are at present free

Dot.Line (KES700): This is for those who used to spend exhausting school days before Mobile phones ?. At Dot Line (once known as the “crate box”) structures, however, many squares could be allowed by defining boundaries on the battleground.

Dream A Little Dream (KES140) Control a pet in a supernatural world and avoids mists.

Intruders Mini (KES140): Here, you can play the exemplary Space Invaders or a clone created for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Last Rock Curling (KES140): Experience the warmth of a twisting match, overcome your enemy by getting your stone as close as imaginable to the end goal – so what you do when twisting.