Signal now delivers images in 4K Resolution: WhatsApp Must Learn From Signal.


Signal is now one step ahead of WhatsApp, thanks to this feature that allows you to send images in 4K. Users of the app’s beta v5.11.0 can directly upload their photos in high resolution by reducing compression.

Since WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, many users have decided to migrate their accounts to Signal. In addition to offering better protection of their data, messaging tries to differentiate itself from the leader in the field by regularly offering new features. This was particularly the case when the app launched Signal Payments, its cryptocurrency payment solution.

Today, The application examines a new feature that could widen the gap with its direct competitor WhatsApp by sending high-resolution photos. Usually, messengers compress transferred images to reduce data consumption and not overload servers. Signal now offers a new sending option with the words “High: slower, more data.” It is currently only available to users of beta v5.11.0.

You don’t need any configurations on your respective smartphone. Next to the standard compression, the app offers the option on its own when clicking on the usual photo icon. Android Police tested the feature and were able to verify the quality of the images received by the recipient. Thus, a 6944 x 9248-pixel resolution image, weighing 11.6MB, is compressed at a resolution of 3075 x 4096 pixels and a weight of 1.4 MB. For comparison, the same photo sends 1201 x 1600 pixels for 204KB with standard mode.

Signal, therefore, manages to significantly reduce the size of the images while maintaining excellent quality. Unlike Telegram, messaging does not yet offer full-size photo mailing. But interest in this feature seems to be present, and such a possibility may emerge in the future. For its part, WhatsApp is always content to compress images without leaving the choice to its users.