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Innovative Augmented Casinos – An Upcoming Trend in Online Betting

Those who choose to bet online at sites like Royal Vegas, are in it for the convenience and privacy. There’s nothing better than being able to whip out your phone or laptop and keep up with your sports betting or spend some time at your favourite slot game.

In the past, this used to be an alternative to traveling or even visiting your local casinos. However, more and more, players are deciding to go online as a first choice. Especially with new tech like live dealer streaming games. Recently there’s been talk of a new type of online betting, by a company partnering with Google. Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. plans to change the way people look at online gambling for good. 

What Is Augmented Reality Gambling?

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Just like participating in certain video games, augmented reality gambling is going to allow you to bet online as if you were really inside a casino. This will require your own pair of virtual reality eyewear; we assume this part will be thanks to the involvement of Google. In addition to a 360-degree camera, to provide the video stream that will make you feel like you are inside a casino. 

According to the creator of this technology, the mission is to bring the same fantastic experience from world-class casinos home to you. For instance, the best-known casinos in the world, put a lot of thought and money into making the experience unforgettable. And the plan is to do the same for digital gambling. 

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How This Will Improve Online Casinos

For most players, the advantages of online betting far outweigh the disadvantages. For instance, most online casinos will provide instant access to hundreds of different games. And with the exception of a few popular live table games during the busy hours, you’ll rarely need to wait for the space at a table. This type of accessibility is something you could never expect from a land-based casino, where floor space real estate is a big issue. 

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Moreover, there’s the fact that you won’t always find games with great payouts at the minimum wagers you’re comfortable with. There’s also the many different promotions and bonuses you can gain which are non-existent in real life casinos. Things like free spins, cashback and more. 

So far, the only thing that users can possibly miss about land-based casinos, is the human element. The fact that you cannot feel like you are actually there in the casino when you’re playing against a machine instead of a human being. In terms of table games at least. 

As far as gameplay goes, of course, there will be a marked improvement by augmented reality.


In a few years when this technology is being fully implemented by most online casinos. We imagine there will be rise in users choosing to play online, simply for the novelty factor at first. However, once you start combining AR with live stream gaming, things will really go toward the next step. 

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
I cover tech news across Africa. Drop me an email at [email protected]

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