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Do you want to get off Facebook? Here’s how you can save all of your Facebook posts to Google Drive.

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Are you thinking about leaving Facebook? Or do you simply want to save random posts you’ve made on the platform? You can now transfer them all to Google Docs, Blogger, or WordPress.This is also a good idea if you intend to leave the platform entirely.

How to export your Facebook posts:

  • Navigate to Settings on Facebook.
  • Navigate to the section Your Facebook Information. Click on the ‘View’ button, followed by the ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Information’ line.
  • Please keep in mind that you are not’moving’ or ‘deleting’ old posts, as Facebook warns you. You are simply copying them to a different location. You must delete all of your posts manually, or you can delete your entire Facebook account.
  • Now, on the resulting screen, you can choose whether to save Posts, Notes, or Photos, or whatever else you want to transfer.

Please keep in mind that the posts you’re saving are only from your own profile.

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