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Important features to consider when choosing a call center software

Since modern modes of communication like social media, email and chatbots are out there, call centers and telephone hotlines are still the first way consumers turn to when seeking help or assistance. Poor customer experience can have a bad impact on the repute of your business. On the other hand, excellent experience helps you build a satisfied and happy customer base to secure more repeat sales. That is the reason, you should find reliable call center software to provide your customers with great customer services. 

Essential Features of a Call Center Software

Below are the five most important call center software features you must consider when choosing software for your call center.

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Interactive voice response (IVR)

Interactive voice response or IVR is a technology used by call centers in the Philippines to help callers get appropriate solutions to their problems via the use of an automatic voice command. It provides a caller with plenty of options to choose the right one according to individual needs or requirements. As a result, a caller can get his/her query resolved immediately even without talking to a call center agent. IVR is one of the most important features to look for in a call center software solution as it can help handle a larger volume of calls without human interaction. As a result, agents can focus on complex queries that require human interaction.

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Call forwarding 

A call center software with a call forwarding feature allows you to forward incoming calls to landline or external mobile numbers automatically. The call forwarding feature works great when your agents are busy or unable to attend a call due to some other reasons. It helps your business to respond to more customer calls even if your agents are busy with some other call center-related tasks or activities. You can assign external phone numbers like business landline or mobile number so a customer call can be forwarded to the assigned number when not answered on call center number or telephone hotline. 

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Automatic call distributor (ACD)

ACD or Automatic Call Distributor is another most important feature you should consider in a call center software you are about to invest in. it allows your business to handle incoming calls based on the associated database of call handling instructions. ACD feature in a call center software allows call center teams to effectively direct callers to the right agents or departments based on pre-defined instructions. As a result, more of your callers can get their queries resolved effectively without waiting for hours. When callers are routed to the most appropriate agent, they are likely to get the best solution for their problems. It helps you satisfy your customers in the best possible way to make them stick around and keep visiting for repeat purchases. 

Skill-based routing

Skill-based routing is an improved form of ACD. This feature of a call center solution skillfully routes the caller to the most apposite agent who offers the right solution to customer problems and issues. It not only reduces the call handling time but improves customer satisfaction as well. The feature is one of the must-haves if you really want to enhance the client-agent relationship. That is the reason, you should look for skill-based routing features in the software you are about to purchase for your call center.

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