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How API Integrations Contribute to Fueling the Growth of the Business?

by Intizar Ali
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The ultimate goal of every company and business is to grow and touch the limitless heights.  This completely depends on what the companies are offering in terms of products and services against what the customers are demanding for. Thus, it is very important for the companies to keep in sync and pace with the ever-changing needs of the customers. And this can be made possible through api integration solutions (Application Programming Interface). The APIs give the ability to companies to face the complex technological issues faced by the business firms by automating much of their tasks and integrating the business processes with the current demands.

In a layman’s language, API can be defined as an interface which helps the software applications to communicate with each other in a safe channel and that too without disclosing each other’s internal. The on-going pandemic situation has boosted up API Integration for eCommerce. API integration refers to special code which allows the different applications to communicate and share their operations with each other. There is a possibility that there are more than 16500 APIs in existence at a point of time.

No specific expertise or knowledge is required to build any new applications as a well maintained and well documented APIs allows easy usage of the digital assets without getting in deep about the problems & complexities of the system. Shipping API Integration has made the shipping services more convenient and easy to use and have also supported the shipping industry to flourish like any other business segment.


The APIs have contributed to growing the business in multiple ways. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Automations of Multiple Tasks

When one is working on different applications at a time then one has to click and switch many times between the apps, but APIs reduce this effort and switching among the apps becomes automatic.

APIs support many of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) websites like Salesforce, Zoho etc, wherein whenever the customer tries to connect to the customer care team of the respective company and APIs helps to automatically fetch the details about the customers like where are they calling from, what is their respective name, the details they are mentioning is valid or not.

Overall, the automation process saves a lot of cost, time, and effort.

  1. Facilitates the Online Payment Systems

If the business is such that it involves a lot of transactions, then one uses API in order to maintain the uniformity in the data. There several payment partners like PayPal etc. can easily integrate with the main app to keep in harmony with the other apps. And maintain the security.

  1. Efficiency of Developing Software Increases

The software is usually developed as per the requirement of the organization and their business processes. And with the well documented and easily managed APIs one can speed up the process of software development by transforming the digital assets into the consumable items.

Example, a certain software can be used inside another or can be connected with other tools to sleek the certain process in an organized manner.

  1. Increases Credibility of the Brand

Today there is a lot of competition in the market, be it any product or service, so it is very important for any brand to be in the mind of people. And API integration can help the brands to maintain their importance in customer’s life and increases the trust of customers for that brand.

API simplifies the process of integration and allows different software to re-align themselves as per the customer’s need or the requirement of the business. This helps companies to achieve better results and that too at a cheaper rate.

  1. Studying Website Analytics

The website of the company acts as a report card for them where the number of page views, clicks on different pages and other analytical details helps to calculate the performance of the website. As the more the traffic on the website, the more are the chances of conversion for their products and services. And these details can be fetched through APIs only.

Example, Google Analytics is a part of Google Cloud API platform, and it has different APIS for analytics functions. Management API and Core Reporting API are the most common analytic APIs used by the companies to further evaluate the performance of tehri website.

  1. More Secure

In today’s world, APIs play an important role in the digital security system. An API management platform provides a security system to all the developers working and still allows them to work independently. Robust API securities also includes a mechanism to control who can access the APIs, it also has a security algorithm to battle against bots.

  1. Developing and Offering New Products

The API integration has good potential to create a new product which can be further offered to the end customers. One of the best examples is the integration of the Map apps and service provider apps, they integrated to offer UBER and LYFT. Similarly, several combinations of the apps can yield another app which can be offered as a service or product to the end users.

This describes how API allows software to be complemented with the digital product and services of third parties which leads to development of some new business idea.

  1. Smooth Experience for both Developer and End-users

The well managed and documented APIs make the digital assets of the company more easily and readily available for the usage of the company. The analytic reports and general insights helps the companies to evaluate their services or product which ultimately empowers the developers to create and understand the requirement in a better manner and then develop such apps which smoothen the experience of end-users.

  1. Using Social Media APIs as Marketing Tool

One comes across various posts on social media, some may be product related, and some service related, also they have an option to share with others by clicking on the ‘Share’ button. This functionality of the article is enabled by the APIs only.

Apart from it, if any website has the sign-up option, then they can easily sign in through their existing social media or Gmail accounts, this facility is also enabled by APIs only. Thus, API helps in promoting and marketing the business services and products among its users.


All the above points explains that the API is a must for the modern digital world and connects the different applications to one another and also to the data and services that empowers them to create a new business product. Despite that, users don’t even realize that the API navigates them and helps them in the day-to-day digital activities.

Also, from the company’s point of view the productivity and efficiency of tehri employees also increases as they spend less time in switching between the applications.

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