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A Guide To Virtual Servers And Private IP Addresses For Enterprises: Heficed

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When running an enterprise, several aspects are there to be considered. It is vital to strike a balance between maximizing your profits and balancing your expenses. However, running a successful business is beyond this as you need to think about IP address and network details. It is not a glamorous part of a business. However, you can still afford to maintain your day-to-day operations with ease by opting for Heficed. 

About Heficed

It is a single platform through which you can empower your enterprise by scaling with virtual servers, IP addresses, and bare metal servers. 

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  • IP Address: It manages, leases, and monetizes IP addresses without encountering any problem. The IPv4 lets you monetize unused IP resources while reducing the shortage issues due to IPv4. 
  • Virtual Servers: The virtual server, Kronos Cloud, certifies you with the suitable IP resources whenever you require. 
  • Bare Metal: It is designed for the most demanding organizations that need an IP pool, high performance, data security, and stability. 

The leading network infrastructure platform has a decade of experience in infrastructure, IPs, and networks. It is built for cybersecurity, hosting, Virtual Private Networks, and business intelligence industries.  

Should businesses opt for Heficed?

Here are the top hosting provider features that will guide you to understand whether there is a necessity to opt for it. 

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  • A plethora of IP addresses 

It can provide a plethora of IP addresses and also multi-region IP spaces. Also, the professionals are determined to meet the specific demands to get diversity to the hosting organization. The AP address management and lease solutions include APNIC, ARIN, RIRs-LACNIC, AFRINIC, and ARIN. It permits you to access blacklist free, geo-located, and reliable IPs around the world. 

By mapping your IPs, you can access the state, country, zip code, area code, etc. It procures IP addresses to enhance network administration, fortify network security, and decrease network congestion. It is built with scalability, so with the growth in the company, the cloud infrastructure also grows. 

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  • Global presence 

Preparing a network presence in the global marketplace has never been so simple. But the top solutions offered by the leading hosting service are API driven. It is a centralized hub enabling local access to the global scale. As a result, there is no need to worry about having a dedicated server to keep your site running. It’s because you are functioning from the cloud. The hosting provider will take care of updates, backups, patches, giving you enough time to concentrate on your work.  

  • Advanced hardware 

The most important aspect is using proven technology from partners like Supermicro, Dell, Intel, and Toshiba. They contain certified and advanced functionality for cloud infrastructure and while label dedicated servers. The data centers are of the Tier 3 category, and the top hosting experts handle every system. To ensure optimum performance, it has to undergo rigorous maintenance routines. It has precise security standards, enhances gaseous fire suppression devices, external and internal video surveillance, round-the-clock security guards, and biometric access control. 

  • Negligible or fewer site crashes 

The site is hosted in the cloud, so the provider has a backup on at least one. If the server crashes, or if anything goes wrong, it would be easy for them to bring the backup server back online. Once it comes back, the site starts running easily and quickly like before. 

  • Picking the type of server 

The creation of a virtual cloud server takes place via the Kronos Cloud platform. The service sanctions you to set up backup templates and schedules, including the choice of operating system, global data center location, with additional requirements. Also, for critical intensity workloads, bare metal servers are required. The installation is easy and straightforward, and the internet connection type is configured through Heficed Connect. 

  • The server resources are never shared 

By opting for a dedicated hosting server, you have complete resources of a single server. There is nothing to worry about the server’s RAM and CPU. By using it, your systems can be safe from spikes in bandwidth usage, bad scripts running on sites, etc. 

  • Enhances security and performance 

It promises to offer the maximum uptime for a site, and shared websites are perfect for medium to low traffic platforms. However, if your site is receiving more traffic, it gives more reliability and stability. Additionally, you do not have to share space with a potential spammer or a malicious site. It enhances security and handles sensitive transactions over SSL and FTP. 

  • Manages service solution 

You can benefit from managed service solutions by managing and monitoring time reduction, controlling via higher maintenance and hardware investments. The professionals take a great number of tasks sparing you from unnecessary management tasks. It includes monitoring performances, overseeing content migration, and so on. Security sweeps are also performed to detect potential malware and threats before it harms your enterprise. In that way, your server keeps running smoothly and efficiently. 

  • API and terminal 

It scales and manages your services, and the product is easy to navigate, use, management and feature-rich control platforms. It accesses several functions and features from a remote console, reboot, IP resource management, and “rescue mode to advanced DNS.” With a single click, you can upgrade your cloud processor cores, storage, and memory. By seamless API and terminal, managing hosting solutions with your business premises would be easy. 

  • Unbelievable customer service 

Above all the above features, you also get unbelievable customer service. The team of professionals is always there to address your issues. If there is a need, you can always ask for help from tech support. The response time can vary from one hour to three weeks, depending on the weekly backup services. 

Final thoughts 

However, the above aspects will come to you only if you are ready to pay the price for it. You can run your website at a reasonable price and protect your organization from hacking by opting for it. 

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