Kenya’s Top 5 Best Mobile Loan Apps for Android and iOS


Customers who are in a financial bind can use these loan apps to get a loan and repay it whenever it is convenient for them.

Timiza Loan App

Timiza loan app has a loan cap of Ksh50 and a maximum loan amount of Ksh100,000. You can, however, push your limits by increasing your activity on the app. To apply for a loan, you simply need to be an M-Pesa subscriber and use other Safaricom services. The interest rate for the Timiza loan app is 1.083 percent, with a 5% facilitation fee.

Ipesa Loan App

The app makes having a loan as easy as ABC, allowing you to set up a credit account, encrypt details, and protect the holder’s privacy in the most official way possible.

The longest tenor lasts 180 days, while the shortest lasts 91 days.

The interest rate paid by the Ipesa Loan app is fifteen percent.The loan cap on the Ipesa loan app is Ksh2000 for a small loan and Ksh10,000 for a large loan.

Zenka Loan App

Zenka loan app charges a cumulative annual percentage rate of 75 percent. The users are expected to pay a 30 percent processing fee on the principal sum. The processing fee varies between Ksh45 and Ksh870.

The Zenka loan app has a loan cap of Ksh500 to Ksh30000.

Utunzi Loan App

Utunzi loan app charges a variable interest rate. Users would be compensated with better rates in the future if they pay back the borrowed money on time.

The loan limit on the Utunzi loan app is Ksh500 for a small loan and Ksh100000 for a large loan.

Opeasa Loan App

For a term of 91 days, the Opesa loan app charges a service fee that ranges from Ksh100 to Ksh600. This represents an 8.9% service charge that the applicant must pay at the end of the 91 days.

The Opesa loan app has a loan cap that ranges from Ksh2000 to Ksh30000.

Opesa loan app charges a cumulative APR (annual percentage rate) of 36 percent.

Well here’s a list of Kenya’s top five loan payment apps. Use them to help you manage your finances and take advantage of the deals.