Selecting an Agency of Experts to Help with Business Registration in China


Are you an investor or entrepreneur looking forward to expanding your business in China? The country is one of the top investment destinations offering businesses awesome opportunities for growth and success. However, we must indicate that the process of company incorporation is never easy because it requires a lot of documents and involves dealing with different departments, check out this guide to learn more about the process and procedure. However, this should not deter you from taking advantage of this high-potential jurisdiction.

The faster, cheaper, and more convenient method of registering a company in China is working with an agency of experts. These are professionals with the primary goal of holding your hand to increase the chances of success. Here are some useful tips that you can use to identify a good agency of experts in China.

A Brief Look into China: What should You Expect?

Before looking at the attributes of a good agency of experts, it is important to think ahead and ensure you understand the Chinese business environment. The first thing that will get the attention of your eyes is the large population. According to the 2020 population estimates, China had a population of 1,394,015,977 billion. So, whether you want to produce local products or import, you are likely to get a ready market. Other facts about China include:

  • The GDP of China is $15.66 trillion (2020 estimates).
  • Shanghai port handles about 43.3 million TEU every year, making it one of the largest ports on the globe.
  • The country’s economy is one of the largest on the globe.
  • In 2020 more than 90% of state-owned companies featured on Fortune Global 500 companies.

NOTE: The country’s stability is also impressive. Unlike other states in the Far East and across the globe that have suffered major political unrest, China has been very stable. With this political and economic stability, it becomes pretty easy to plan and achieve the success you want in business. However, you need to start by selecting an agency.

Tips to Help You Pick an Agency of Experts 

The first thing you need to look for in an agency is its past record. How successful was the agency in helping the previous company? If the agency can help other enterprises to grow both in China and the Far East, it can act as your boost to achieve similar levels of success. Other attributes include:

  • Commitment to Customer Value 

Only an agency that is committed to seeing clients succeed should be contracted. So, visit the company’s website and even talk to its support to assess the commitment to your business ideals. For example, does the company have professionals in areas of company registration?

  • Affordable

Only look for an agency of experts like Hawksford that charges affordable rates so that the bulk of the money goes into supporting the business for growth. Although it is a good idea to compare the price by different agencies, consider focusing more on the quality of service. So, look for the company with the best services offered at affordable rates.

  • Ability to Support Your Business Beyond Registration 

Once you register a business in China, the next step is its establishment in the country. A good agency should be able to guide your business, especially during entry and early period of establishment. If you select well, the agency would also assist you with legal compliance, filing tax returns, and drawing strategies for success.

As you can see, working with an agency of experts comes with many benefits, but only if you are able to pick the best. Therefore, use the tips we have highlighted on this post to identify the best and increase the chances of business success in China. Remember to progressively improve your business strategies and products to win a bigger market share in China.