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Twitter Has Finally Reopened Its Verification Process For The First Time Since 2017

Twitter has finally reopened its verification process for the first time since 2017.

Twitter is finally making it possible for you to apply for that blue badge again, though the company has come up with revamped categories. The micro-blogging platform says that it will begin rolling out the new verification application process and reviewing public applications for verification over the next few weeks.

For those unaware, the blue tick is one of the ways to distinguish the authenticity of accounts on Twitter. Any account verified on Twitter has a blue tick mark just after the user’s name. However, with the relaunch of Twitter verification, the company has also introduced new guidelines for verified accounts on the platform.

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What are the rules?

The company says those users who apply for a verified badge should have had no 12-hour or 7-day lockouts for violating Twitter rules in the past 12 months.

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The company has specifically listed the accounts that are not eligible to get the verified badge, and it includes parody, newsfeed, commentary and unofficial fan accounts, pets and fictional characters, accounts associated with the coordinated harmful activity/hateful content, and accounts that have violated our platform manipulation & spam policy.

Twitter verified badge: Who’s eligible?

Twitter has categorised users who can apply for the blue tick should fall under one of the six categories: government, companies, brands and organisations, news organisations and journalists, entertainment, sports and gaming, and activists, organisers, and other influential individuals.

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Additionally, the company clarifies that only being part of the above six categories won’t get users the blue tick. Interested users to qualify for a blue badge, their account must be authentic, notable, and active.

Some of the very basic needs include an account to have complete with info and is an active account within the last six months. Twitter says those who apply for the blue tick should have an account with a profile name and image, users must have logged into it in the last six months, and the account has a confirmed email address or phone number.

Can your badge be taken?

Notably, Twitter also adds that verified accounts that repeatedly violate the Twitter Rules are subject to having the blue tick removed.

For Twitter users, those who are planning to apply for the verified badge can apply for it once every 30 days, which means if the application was rejected, you could re-apply 30 days after rejection.

Talking about when you can hear back about your verification application? Twitter says that it may take up to a few weeks to review and process the application.

How can you apply to get verified on Twitter?

Twitter says everyone will start seeing the new verification application directly in the Account Settings tab over the next few weeks. The feature is being rolled out gradually, which means it may take some time to show up in your Settings.

To apply for verification, Twitter will enable the application process through Account Settings on both the Twitter mobile app and the web version.

Click on the […] icon, then go to Settings and privacy option, go to Account and scroll down to Account information and tap Verification Request.

Users can tap on start request and then submit their request.

About submitting an ID to be verified on Twitter, the platform says users will need to submit a government-issued ID, one way to identify.

Additionally, users can also link to an official website with direct reference to their Twitter account or an official email address. As for journalists, they can submit the author profile link to Twitter so that they can verify that the account applying for the verified badge belongs to a known entity.

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