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Tech Briefing of the week: Apple Music in HD, Internet Explorer stays and Google I/O conference.

by Joseph Richard
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The weekend has started, and a lot has happened during the week. Here is the latest tech news that you missed this week.

High Definition sound for Apple Music 

The Cupertino monster needs to improve the rational nature of Apple Music to offer HD sound for under 10 euros or rather 1,318.01 Kenyan Shilling each month. Declared as free, this change pushes the opposition to need to adjust itself to Apple. However, stages like Deezer or Spotify effectively offer HD quality at more exorbitant costs than the Apple brand. Regardless of whether the lists continue as before, Spotify will, in general, stick out, with its shows, for instance.

Google guarantees to be more straightforward.

The Google I/O is for designers and programmers, yet the Mountain View goliath realizes how to take care of its initial meeting with numerous new highlights. Unmistakably Google needs most important to give itself a decent picture by upholding straightforwardness. Consequently, the firm wishes to console its consumers about the utilization of their information.

Playing the straightforwardness card appears to make sense enough considering the upgraded US administration. Google depends essentially on information security to improve the cancellation of its set of experiences and the programmed eradication of the last at regular intervals.

Internet Explorer Makes Resistance

We thought he was at that point dead, but then the Explorer program is still there! Microsoft has just barely reported its end for 2021. Despite numerous disappointments, Microsoft doesn’t surrender and attempts to push its other agenda, Edge.

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