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Conditions casinos must meet to get a license on the new Dutch online gambling market

According to the latest news, around 40 gambling brands are expected to apply for a license to provide services to the Dutch public starting October 1st, when the new legislation takes effect. The Netherlands was one of the very few European countries that didn’t have a market for online gambling, leading its residents to use unlicensed websites and expose themselves to the dangers lurking online. It was the country with some of the most open regulations in Europe for prostitution and drug use to provide the Dutch residents with the opportunity to gamble legally online. It’s 2021, and the internet is everywhere, and people don’t know borders when it comes to accessing their favourite resources. By keeping online gambling nonregulated, the government would only risk their security and safety because no one would watch out for them. But through the new regulations, they can create a safe environment everyone can benefit from. 

With the introduction of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act in March 2021, the Netherlands opens one of the biggest online gambling markets for business. The authorities have spent years creating a comprehensive Dutch Remote Gambling Act that would allow casino providers to cater their services to the Dutch public in a legalised way. 

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What is the Remote Gambling Act?

The current legislation for casino games in the Netherlands was drafted in 1964, a year that marked the beginning of the unique Dutch gambling market that has been in place for decades. The regulations were created in a time when there was no internet, and as expected, it became outdated when the first online websites emerged. For example, Bob is one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands. Still, people won’t be able to access it until October because the present laws don’t encourage online gambling. 

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The new regulations allow online gambling and establish the conditions for casinos to function legally in the new market. After years of research, the Dutch Senate approved the Remote Gambling Act in February 2019, and two years later, it’s finally ready to enter into force. As expected, this is an opportunity no gambling provider wants to miss, and many are expected to apply for a license.        

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The unique regulations the Dutch Remote Gambling Act promotes

The Netherlands took a strict approach to the gambling industry and little changes with the new regulations. Even if the Remote Gambling Act allows private casino game providers to enter the market for the first time and allows the introduction of new kinds of games, the authorities are focused on creating an environment safe for the Dutch residents. 

The regulations ask the casinos that apply for a license to

– Use a central register no matter if they are online or land-based casino game providers where all clients are automatically registered by their social security number. Gamblers have the possibility to exclude themselves from all licensed websites if they find it suitable. Once they exclude themselves, they cannot access any of the pages, and the operators won’t be able to target them for marketing purposes. However, the central register system doesn’t apply to lotteries. However, when players want to engage in new games, they can discover all the casino games at pronto online casino because the authorities allow providers to apply a single time for a license that will enable them to offer a comprehensive set of games.     

– Follow strict regulations on marketing and promotional methods. The gambling Act includes rules with regard to gambling advertising restriction to protect clients from vulnerable groups. It states that gambling providers cannot use professional athletes for advertising or recruiting purposes. It also stipulates that they cannot hire role models if they are under 25 years old or have a substantial reach among people underage. 

– Have a system in place to check the players’ age using IDIN. 

– Participate in the controledatabank, a control database that registers all activity of online casinos and provides the KSA with the needed tools to monitor online gambling activity. Because Bob is one of the best online casinos in the Netherlands, it will meet all those requirements in order to provide its clients with their favourite games.    

How can casinos prepare for the application procedure?

In June 2019, it was reported that over 80 providers declared their interest in applying for a license in the Dutch online gambling market. Among the names, it’s also Pronto, offering its clients the possibility to discover all the casino games at pronto online casino. Many other smaller gambling providers have also announced their intention to provide their services online. 

The license allocation starts with the entry to force of the Bill, and the first licenses will be issued six months later. The candidate for an online gambling license needs to meet a set of stringent conditions to be eligible. The KSA published an official document on its website to describe in general terms the conditions the interested parties must meet and the documents they need to submit. 

Gambling providers can apply for a license if they provide 

– Casino games where the clients play against the license holder 

– Casino games where the clients play against each other

– Betting in relation to sporting events

– And betting in relation o harness racing and horse racing

The candidates have to pay €45,000.00, and the rejected ones won’t get a refund. The authorities recommend casinos to apply only after the final licensing conditions are published. Based on the application, the board of directors of KSA will grant licenses to around 40 operators. They already announced that they intend to license only the brands that organise gambling activities responsibly, reliable, and verifiable. It already published a tool to help candidates prepare and find all the conditions in the same place. 

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Milcah Lukhanyu
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