WWDC 2021: no transformation with iOS 15 except for enhancements for all floors


Apple has recently introduced the following update of the mobile operating system that will carry numerous peculiarities to existing applications. True to form, Apple exploited WWDC 2021 to uncover iOS 15, the following rendition of the OS  that should be accessible next September on iPhones.

This year, the producer needed to advance the current with enhancements and new highlights made to many OS applications.

FaceTime extends to Zoom Application

Regardless of an entire year of pandemic and working from home, FaceTime had not advanced despite Zoom or Microsoft Teams. They continually improved themselves to adapt to the requests of their consumers.

FaceTime on iOS 15 incorporates new highlights like another context view to see the entirety of its correspondent on its screen. Apple has likewise dealt with the sound part by proposing a spatialization as per the thumbnail of every correspondent on the screen. On the off chance that the person is on the right, you will hear their voice in your right earpiece for added authenticity. FaceTime will likewise offer a background noise cancellation element created by artificial consciousness and a Portrait mode to get background blur around you.

Shockingly, the video conferencing app opens to different platforms! It will be feasible to make chat rooms to share with his contacts regardless of whether they use Android phones or Windows PCs. Communication will be conceivable from the browser of its operating system

Apple also needs to make it simpler to share content in FaceTime and permit you to pay attention to music on Apple Music or watch films and arrangements on Apple TV on outsider applications with your friends and family. Disney + and HBO Max are now in the beginning squares to coordinate this new element when it dispatches.

Messages: simpler content sharing

Apple’s email App currently permits you to share photograph albums straightforwardly in the record. It will be achievable to see the photographs from the messaging without going through Photos and a shared collection.

With Shared with you, Apple makes it simple to recover content from its applications. A buddy sent you a playlist? It is naturally saved in a dedicated topic on Apple Music. Same for photographs in Photos or an article in Apple News, for English-talking clients with this application.


Notifications will experience a slight facelift this year with more graphics cards, which will present the photo of his loved ones for Messages or larger icons for each software.

The real novelty remains the management of notifications, which can be adapted according to the time of day. Several programs will be integrated to Do Not disturb, such as Work or Family Dinner, to choose the applications allowed to display alerts. Those prevented them from staying more focused on his work or his moments of relaxation.

It will also be possible to obtain a summary of notifications that will group under a single alert all the messages and alerts received during the day.

Apple has also designed a new application, Focus, which allows it to go further by using the machine learning features of the iPhone to present only the applications and widgets useful at the moment.

Photos: a more advanced search

Let’s quickly move on to the Photos app that will bring three significant novelties. The first concerns research. Photos will now be integrated with Spotlight, the iOS search engine, to find your photos faster.

The application also offers text recognition via a button present at the bottom right of the image if characters are present in the image. Just tap on it to select it or call a phone number.

Finally, memories are improved with integration with Apple Music. Each video will be automatically tuned to a title selected by the system or to choose from the library of 70 million titles available.

Wallet, Weather, Plans: minor but practical improvements

The wallet now opens to connected locks in homes and hotels and identity documents for a few US states at first. It will probably take years to see its venerable European document integrate Apple’s platform.

Météo inherits a revised design, with several thousand dynamic backgrounds adapted to all types of weather. The information given will be more numerous and presented in the form of graphs.

Plans finally will display a terrestrial globe to move through countries. The maps will be more detailed with identically reproduced monuments and more precise road navigation, but this will concern some American cities for the launch.

Privacy: Apple is increasingly protecting its users ‘ data

Apple could not avoid the topic of privacy. iOS 15 will offer new options such as the hidden IP address when receiving a commercial email. A new section called App Privacy will present the data shared by each application to its publisher to see in real-time the software a little too curious for its taste.

Finally, Siri’s voice recognition will now be performed directly on the device and no longer on Apple’s servers. The manufacturer promises a greater speed of execution and guarantees that its voice samples remain on the phone at all times.

iCloud also performs a screwball with a new formula called iCloud+. The main feature is adding a simile-VPN in all Apple software to ensure its anonymity every time a website is visited. We can also note the possibility of hiding your email address in the Mail application by a unique alias. This new offer will be offered automatically at the same price as currently