iOS 14 will continue to receive More Security updates even after iOS 15 has been rolled out


In the list of features added to iOS 15, Apple has announced that it will be possible to continue using iOS 14 while still receiving security updates.

It will therefore be possible to wait to decide to make the update without compromising the security of his iPhone.

Security updates for iOS 14, but for how long?

At the announcement of iOS 15, some slightly older iPhone owners may have been anxious. And for a good reason, not all Apple devices seem equal in the face of new versions of the firm’s operating system, and concerns are regularly reported on the oldest models.

We can mention, for example, iOS 11.2, which slowed down the iPhone 6 and 7 to preserve their batteries, but without notifying consumers upstream, or more recently, iOS 14.2, which would very quickly empty the battery of some models according to complaints from users.

Especially since the firm has a habit of making the old versions of its system very difficult, if not impossible, to install on its devices, preventing a rollback in case of an update that does not agree with its model, for iOS 15, the most doubtful will be entitled to a bit of respite since security updates will continue to be provided for iOS 14 while the last refractories can make a decision.

However, we must not delude ourselves: there is little chance that Apple will continue for very long to follow this pattern which goes against its principles of not “fragmenting” its OS into several versions.