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Seven Cool Instagram Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Being an Instagram marketer, I believe one should know all the ins and outs of the platform to craft a killer Instagram strategy – incorporating both AESTHETICALLY PLEASING profile and ENGAGING CONTENT. As most of you are already aware of how critical it is to go with trends, ever since Instagram launched ‘Stories ‘, users are using various hacks to keep the post on point. From engagement boosting strategies to creative design tricks and from AR filters to interactive stickers, you can use tons of hacks when it comes to adding flair to your profile and stories. Ready to get started! 

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We All Want To Gain More Views 

Understandably, you want your Instagram story to be viewed by thousands of people, and you are not exceptional! We all want it too. Fortunately, there are various ways to exponentiate the views, and they really work. The prime determiner has always been your active followers; the higher the followers, the higher the ‘View Counts’ and vice versa. Therefore, many people opt for different approaches to grab those big SPONSORED deals. Some may refer to the best site to buy Instagram followers, and some deploy the trickier techniques to get the most out of the platform. 

  1. Access more colour on your stories 

Instagram stories are best to flaunt your brand’s personality. But what if the colour of your brand is not in the default colour options of stories? Well, there is a way to access possibly any colour you want. 

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  • Open Instagram stories and tap on the draw tool.
  • Long-hold any colour from the default colour options. 
  • Swipe across the slider to choose a custom colour of your choice. 

Do you know you can also make a rainbow caption? To do so, type out the message and select all to highlight the text! Now press and keep one finger on the bottom of the screen as you did earlier. When the colour spectrum is open, held down on one finger on the highlighted text while another one on the left side of the screen simultaneously. Now you will see the colour of the text will change letter by letter. As for the fonts, you can use the Instagram font generator that allows you to generate different symbols and emojis to display on your Instagram bio. The idea here is that you can use these fonts and special characters to have an Instagram account that stands out. It has been proven not only to attract more Instagram followers but also views and likes on posts, as they increase the visibility of the user on Instagram and his credibility by boosting his live counters. So, change a bit from the classic font style available on Instagram and bring some punch to your page with cool fonts.

2. Use an image as your Instagram story background 

When you try to share a feed post to stories, you can change the background. You can add any image from the gallery. 

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  • Select the post from your feed you want to share as your Instagram story.
  • Select add it to your story, tap the sticker tray, and choose ‘add from the camera roll’ sticker.
  • Scroll through the image and choose the image you want to set as your background. 
  • Move it to one side or expand the custom background by using two fingers. 

For the Instagram story to be viewed by thousands of people, you either can deploy organic strategies or purchase Instagram followers; both works significantly well in exponentiating ‘View counts’. 

  1. Use eraser tools to add a cool effect 

There are various ways to make your stories creative, from adding an effect to your emoji to adding personalized brand fonts to your stories! But making them cool and trendy that can grab the attention of the audience is also critical. Do you there is an eraser tool that can create a wide range of cool effects. Upload the photo of your choice and use the draw tool to create a personalized effect over the image. Next, tap on the easer tool to eliminate part of the zigzag to create a 3d effect. There are tons of ways you can use the tool to make your stories cool and attractive. 

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