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MacBook Air 2021: How the mysterious notebook fits into Apple’s plan

by Joseph Richard
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Back in May, reports of a completely new MacBook Air 2021 made the rounds. Naturally, this confused, as the rumors were reminiscent of a completely different Apple device. However, one of the best-formed experts now provides a possible explanation.

A few weeks ago, Apple insider Jon Prosser revealed Apple’s work on the new MacBook Air 2021. Unfortunately, however, the picture that the leaker drew did not fit the well-known luftikus: The wedge shape disappears, more courage to the edge, colors like the new iMac and yet flat as a flounder. But you would have imagined the new MacBook Pro 2021 like this or something like that. So how do the reports fit into a supposedly new MacBook Air?

MacBook Air 2021: New version of the Apple notebook complements the existing model

The possible solution to this problem now provides Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), one of apple’s most influential experts. According to him, the new development is a new high-end version of the MacBook Air. As a result, the current model would remain an entry point. Apple is therefore expanding the product range and will offer a more robust and thus more cost-intensive variant of the Air.

In the new “MacBook Air Pro,” a faster processor should also work, although it is unclear whether it is the M2 or just an improved variant of the M1. Apple could and may have to keep more distance from the upcoming MacBook Pro at this point.

In terms of colors, Apple should orient itself on the iMac 2021, which we see in the following video:

In terms of connection technology, two USB 4 ports are to be installed. In addition, the reinterpretation of MagSafe – the popular magnetic charging cable will celebrate a return, as already foreseen for the MacBook Pro 2021. However, SD card readers and HDMI port will not find their way into the new Air. Instead, these will be reserved for the new Pro. The same could also apply to the new mini-LED screen, which Gurman does not mention in connection with the Air.

Release date of the new MacBook Air?

The Apple notebook can be expected to appear in the second half of the year, but possibly not until the beginning of 2022. What should not be forgotten: The industry is currently suffering from massive delivery difficulties. Even Apple can not wholly escape this. But before that, we should probably see Apple’s new MacBook Pro. The fresh Air can still wait a bit.

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