Windows 11: an operating system designed for video games, according to Microsoft


Having become a real pillar of Microsoft in recent years, video games will logically be at the heart of Windows 11. The American manufacturer explained this well by announcing the arrival of several novelties within its next operating system.

And the Xbox Game Pass will have a central place in this new ecosystem.

Improve the gaming experience for the user

Windows 11 will bring a new design to Microsoft’s OS, integrate Teams directly, put widgets back in the spotlight, modify the Windows Store and even be compatible with Android applications. But amid these innovations, the brand led by Satya Nadella has also focused on video games to illustrate the performance of its operating system…

Thus, Auto HDR will be well included in Windows 11 for all games created under DirectX 11 (and higher versions). HDR mode can therefore be automatically activated on compatible titles, which is already the case on Xbox Series X / S. And it will not be the only element borrowed from Microsoft consoles since DirectStorage technology is also part of the game. Coupled with an NVMe SSD, it will load games faster. Another important point, Windows 11 will support a maximum of devices (controllers, headsets, keyboards…) upon deployment.

The unmissable Game Pass

Impossible to avoid the Xbox Game Pass when we mention the “video game” part of Microsoft. It will in turn be integrated into Windows 11 via the Xbox app and subscribers will then be able to download more than 100 games unlimited. In addition, the Redmond firm has confirmed once again that cloud gaming will also be included in this same Xbox application. So, even on a low-performance PC, the most recent titles will turn out beautifully provided they have a robust connection to the internet.

In short, Windows 11 should be a perfectly optimized operating system for gamers. We can also bet on the arrival of additional features in the weeks and months following the launch of this OS.