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What is click fraud and how to detect them manually?

by Intizar Ali
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What is click fraud and how to detect them manually

Digital marketing has extraordinarily developed in recent decades, and companies are now excited to welcome new marketing methods to boost their traffic, sales, and brand recognition. This trend towards Search Engine Marketing has raised a lot of concerns questioning the actual benefits of Google Display Networking and click fraud. At PEMAVOR, we have realized a need for slight clarification for GDN and how to detect click fraud.

When you spend even a few minutes on the internet, do you remember how difficult it was to reach good quality content? We come across lousy websites filled with click frauds and generic topics. Most of these websites aim to monetize only through Google Display Networks. That is, they are severe competitors to quality advertisers who allocate budgets to reach potential customers. 

Do you think it’s not a big deal? You’re mistaken. Nobody wants to waste their advertising budget, but your competitors, especially bots can do it on purpose instead of you by clicking your ads. However, you can avoid unwanted traffic through click fraud on the Google Display Network by optimizing your placement with one of our free tools at PEMAVOR.

Let’s talk about Google Display Network (GDN), then how to detect click fraud.

What is Google Display Network?

Paid advertising is one of the indispensable traffic sources for many websites. In addition, the display advertising network is also part of the paid advertising ecosystem. 

Google Display Network allows you to show your advertising campaign on millions of websites. That is, it helps you to meet your ads with internet users (potential customers). Also, YouTube and Gmail are included in GDN. According to Google, you can access over 90% of the internet population with GDN. In this way, you can increase your awareness and reach your target audience with no effort. 

How to work with the display network

Google offers multiple options to reach your target audience on the display network. You can target user-oriented such as demographics, visitor logs for your ads. Besides, you can also manually select websites where you want your ads to be shown (by targeting content).

Furthermore, are you not happy with the results you got? Do you think your budget is going down the pan? Don’t panic! GDN isn’t useless because you might do something wrong. Probably, you need to optimize your display ad placements to achieve success.

Furthermore, it’s a fact that GDN is full of spammy websites. In other words, having quality placements on websites that have only valuable content isn’t enough to drive quality traffic and increase conversions. It would be helpful to prevent click fraud, too.

What is click fraud?

Paid-to-click apps, click farms, fake clicks have never been easier. Because, with the growth of the digital advertising industry, people who want to gain unfair profit are developing new methods every day.

No matter the size of your business, click fraud can be a nightmare for advertisers. OK. We know the digital world is competitive, but click fraud isn’t a fair game. More? It’s illegal! So what is click fraud? It is a black-hat technique by clicking on a paid link to generate fraudulent charges for advertisers. That is, your marketing budget will be in the dumps. Also, it affects your ad performance by decreasing positive results. Literally? It’s stealing the cost of the click for themselves. Believe us; it’s a big industry. 

For sure, depending on the industry, click fraud can vary. Photography (65%) and pest control (62%) have the highest volume of fraud. Keep in mind that click fraud will affect your campaign no matter which business you are in. So, you must know what’s what. 

How to detect click fraud

Want your money to be spent on profitable clicks for your brands? Avoid click fraud, but how to detect them? 

With some methods, you can find out whether there is any fraudulent activity in your advertising campaigns. We can’t say that you’ll get 100% accurate results, but it’ll help you understand the signs of fraud.

Check IP addresses

Let’s check them. Have you noticed that the same unknown location or IP address has been visiting your site regularly? It could be a clue for you! You can easily monitor IP addresses or website visitor logs using various add-ons or ways. 

Check the publishers

Go to the Placements in your Google Ads account. Check high-traffic sites for any suspicious activity. When you view your cost and conversation on the interface, you’ll notice that some websites are fake. Let’s enter one of them that provided high conversions. Then what? You’ll see that it’s fake and specifically designed to cut budgets. You can block these sites from your publisher list.

Well, let’s see how to identify a fake website. It’s easy to understand with a few checks. Firstly, these websites use non-personalized themes. Besides, they also have thin content because quality isn’t their concern. Their domain registered in the last few days. More? They have many ads per page unsettlingly.  

Monitor campaign activity

Results such as spikes, suspicious timings can be signs that your ads are being sabotaged. A high click-through rate from an irrelevant country is a good example.

Never forget to optimize your placement

The display network has a powerful way to reach target audiences. You can show your ads on websites using this effective strategy. Besides, tracking placements and performance in GDN campaigns are a vital part of successful display network campaigns. If you want to get off on the right foot with high-quality placements, GDN placement optimization is a perfect way for your brand.  

What are the benefits of display network optimization?

You can reduce your costs by 90% if you prevent click and conversion fraud. Don’t throw your money down a rat hole. Also, your sales productivity increases significantly. Hence, you get much more accurate campaign data, too.

  • Prevent fraud and wasteful clicks.
  • Boost your conversations.
  • Get better leads.
  • Improve your profitability.
  • Speed up conversions and maximize your income.
  • Increase transaction security and customization.
  • Reduce erroneous results.

All in all, want to succeed in your advertisement? Want to keep your budget for other projects? That means you should provide against display frauds. Sounds tough? Not sure how to handle fraud? No worries, it doesn’t sound out of reach with Pemavor solution options.

Try today, not tomorrow! 

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