Android applications: Google makes the Play Store safer – with a significant catch


Google is changing the Play Store until the end of time. The most significant applications and games have effectively been altered to the innovation. Others should follow soon. Be that as it may, there is a crucial catch, which gets clear after looking into it further.

Android: Google bids farewell to APKs in the Play Store

Google has reported in the developer blog that the end of APKs is fast approaching. From August 2021, new applications must be submitted in the “Android App Bundle” design, or .aab for short. As per Google, this is now the situation with the most famous 1,000 applications and games. The enormous benefit of the new organization lies in essentially higher security. Also, the applications are more modest, can be introduced quicker, and devour correspondingly less space. Developers additionally have more accessible choices. So it seems like an extraordinary change. In any case, how does that deal with the APKs and the opportunity of Android?

The .aab records can’t be introduced on an Android cell phone how you know it from APKs. Just the Google Play Store can utilize this format. Later on, developers would need to make their applications accessible for the Google Play Store as a .abb record and for the open economy as an APK to be introduced on Android gadgets. Some will unquestionably do as such. However, many will positively not. This could likewise hit unregulated economies, for example, the Amazon App Store. There, the determination could then turn out to be fundamentally more modest.

Google could likewise have Windows 11 in its sights

With Windows 11, Microsoft is acquiring the capacity to introduce Android applications on your PC, PC, or tablet. This runs utilizing the Amazon App Store, yet APKs can likewise be taught physically. So, while Microsoft opens up to permit more clients admittance to various applications, Google could obliterate the arrangement. APKs might have the option to deal with Windows 11, yet .abb documents can’t because there is no Google Play Store. It will be energizing to perceive how this story creates.