Android hackers take Facebook secret passwordS: You should erase these applications immediately


Google cautions of a few applications downloaded a sum of right around multiple times(They mean almost 6million times) in the PlayStore. The issue: The applications spy on the Facebook logins of the clients. Clients ought to erase the applications right away.

Google has kicked nine Android apps out of the PlayStore. These have been downloaded almost six million times so far. The reason: According to the company, the apps are said to have spied on users’ Facebook log-in data.

As the portal “Arstechnica” reports, all the applications executed a stunt to get the information. Altogether, not to need to see promotion, clients could connect their Facebook profile to the applications. Be that as it may, this login was a fake. The application took the clients’ login information.

Android applications spy on users: These applications are affected

  • Google has named the nine applications. They are:
  • Inwell Fitness (more than 100,000 downloads)
  • Horoscope Daily (more than 100,000 downloads)
  • PIP Photo (5.8 million downloads)
  • Processing Photo (more than 500,000 downloads)
  • Lockit Master (more than 5,000 downloads)
  • Horoscope Pi (1,000 downloads)
  • App Lock Manager (10 Downloads)
  • Rubbish Cleaner (more than 100,000 downloads)
  • App Lock Keep (more than 50,000 downloads)

Google has removed the applications from the store and blocked the developers. Nonetheless, the hackers could make another record and proceed with their wickedness.

All Android clients who have downloaded one of the applications are encouraged to erase it and check their own Facebook account irregularities. Indeed, even a virus scan is not an ill-conceived notion, as indicated by “Arstechnica”.