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Comparison of the best Air conditioners in 2021

Air conditioning protects you from physically demanding air temperatures. Which devices provide the best cooling, Techmoran shows you in comparison.

When the season of high temperatures comes, I promise you that you may need one. In your own four walls, however, the much-loved season can quickly become a burden. The corresponding air conditioners provide a remedy. That’s why Techmoran has scoured the market for mobile air conditioners and split devices and presents you with the best models as well as exciting hints for buying an air conditioner.

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 AEG ChillFlexPro AXP26U338CW


  • Reliable cooling capacity for rooms up to 40 m²
  • Cooling, dehumidification and fan function


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  • Heat ingress through window gap for hose

If you do not want to have an air conditioning system installed, you can use a freestanding air conditioning system. Among these so-called monoblocks, we recommend the AEG ChillFlexPro AXP26U338CW. Concerning air cooling, it achieves solid results with 2.6 kW, but like all monoblocks, it does not come close to the performance of a split more astounding. The volume level of 64 dB is slightly higher than that of some competitors so that people with light sleep could be bothered by it during nighttime operation. The device is operated with the coolant R290.

The air conditioning system, which is designed for rooms of up to 40 m², can allow cooling, dehumanization and the air to circulate via the fan function. For the ventilation stages, the model has three adjustment options. The operation is carried out via touch buttons on display or via the supplied remote control. If you also want to seal the window from which the hose protrudes completely, you can also use the AEG AWK03 Premium Window Kit.

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Daikin Emura FTXJ35MW / RXJ35M


  • Excellent cooling performance for rooms up to 35 m²
  • Air conditioning and heating in one
  • Numerous functions for different needs
  • Excellent energy efficiency


  • Low availability at online retailers

The Daikin Emura FTXJ35MW / RXJ35M is designed for rooms up to 35 m² and therefore seems to be the ideal solution for hot days. Either via app or with the remote control, you can adjust the room air with an output of 3.5 kW and an air circulation of 654 m³/h in just a few minutes. The unique feature: The model powered by R32 proves to be air conditioning and heating to raise the temperature in winter. You get two devices in one. In terms of energy efficiency, the model is in class A+++.

In addition to the cooling and heating function, the air conditioner is also equipped with other parts, including modes for dehumidification or air filtering and a fan function and a turbo and sleep mode. In addition, the system has motion sensors that detect people in the room. As a result, the air conditioning regulates its airflow so that the people present are not directly affected by it. If there is no one in the room, the device switches to Eco mode and thus saves power. With 60 dB, the model generates an average noise level for a split system. In addition, the Daikin Emura FTXJ35MW can not only be combined with the RXJ35M. All compatible devices can be found here.

REMKO RKL 495 DC mobile split air conditioning


  • Combines advantages of monoblocks and split systems
  • Excellent cooling capacity for rooms up to 120 m²
  • Swing function for uniform cooling


  • Energy efficiency mediocre compared to other models

If you do not want to buy a monoblock but consider a split system too expensive, you will find the ideal compromise with the REMKO RKL 495 DC. As a mobile split air conditioning system with 4.3 kW, the model is also suitable for larger rooms. The two devices can be placed anywhere in the room and connected via the 3-meter-long quick-coupling hose. The air conditioning system, designed for up to 120 m², is operated with the R32 coolant.

The range of functions includes a timer and a swing function. The latter regulates the cooling airflow so that the entire room is cooled as evenly as possible. The setting of the parts and the switching between the three possible ventilation levels can be made directly on the device or with the supplied remote control. The only drawback of the device lies in its energy consumption. In contrast to many other air conditioning systems, the mobile split air conditioning system is located in the energy efficiency class B.

Air conditioning is a costly investment. Therefore, we recommend that you inform yourself sufficiently about air conditioners before buying.

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