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How To Stay Safe While Selling Items Online In Kenya

by Vanessa Waithera
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How do you practice safety while selling items in Kenya?

I wanted to sell my couch and I got a few prospective buyers but what echoed in my mind were safety issues. Currently, Kenya as a country feels unsafe and with the rise in crime, it’s not hard for criminals to target people on online platforms. I accepted someone who was interested to come to see the couch but then again I kept wondering what if he’s a thug? it’s such a great way to get a criminal into your home. Long story short, the young lad wanted to take the couch to try to fit it in his car, did you get that? he wanted to see if it could fit before actually purchasing it and I refused and told the watchman to escort him out. So, the couch hasn’t gone yet but I wondered how do I practice safety while selling online? I found some of these tips helpful.

1.Meet at a police station

Beyond the usual advice to meet in a public place, meeting in the parking lot of a police station to make your transaction only adds an extra layer of security. Depending on the purchase you can even sign a contract at the police station with an advocate present.

2.Bring backup

In my case I insisted that the guard should be there as well as my nanny and he must have seen the camera’s around. If it’s your home ensure you practice as much safety measures which means you’d rather pay some guys to take the furniture downstairs for display so they don’t have to enter the house, make sure that you have a viewing day so that you don’t have to keep paying people to take your items outside.

3.Let them send proof of their actual identification and who to call if something goes wrong

Yes, before meeting ensure that they send some form of identification which you can share to someone else who you should have told that there’s a stranger coming.

4.If possible sell the item at a central place that’s not your house

There are places that offer space for selling items and all you have to do is pay a small fee or they can get a commission once the items have been sold. This is a better idea since you avoid the stranger or possible convict entering your house.

5.They should pay for a deposit if they want you to reserve the item

Honestly, if someone is serious about the item they want from you especially after viewing it, there’s only one way to do that and that’s by paying a deposit especially for an expensive item.

6.Use your business number

Don’t use your personal number to do any transactions keep it professional by using a different number just to avoid any stalkerish vibes.

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