Google Meet presently restricted to an hour of video for free accounts

Google meet
Google meet

Approaches Google Meet with at least three members is viewed as Group calls. If the Group coordinator has a free Gmail account, it should end in an hour.

The duration of group calls on Google Meet for free accounts could reach a full day since last year.

Limitless Call duration on Meet comes to an End

Because of the worldwide pandemic and the circumstance of most workers compelled to telecommuting, Google had made its Meet video conferencing software free in mid-2020. All clients enjoying the service could appreciate calls of as long as 24 hours without agonizing over an hour-long cutoff initially set up.

Afterward, it was discovered that the constraint would apply in September 2020. It was then moved to the furthest limit of March. On April 2, 2021, Google broadened this “brief offer” until September 2021.

From now on, all calls “with at least three members” will be limited to an hour. Individual discussions (for two) are in every case free and are not diminished to an hour. As Google brings up, singular calls can proceed for as long as 24 hours for free and Premium Accounts.

Individual Accounts not affected largely

In order not to abruptly cut conversations, Google Meet will send a notice to everybody following 55 minutes to show that the call will end. The video conferencing host will be incited to update their Google account. Likewise, with contenders Zoom and Teams, clients like to reproduce a free invitation link.

To return to a maximum duration of group meetings of 24 hours, the American giant is pushing its “Google Workspace Essentials” offer. It is a subscription paid at KSH 1078 per month that allows videoconferences with 150 speakers, participation via phone numbers to call for specific countries, recording meetings in Google Drive, and several functions such as “Raise your hand” or active surveys.

Alternatively, companies can subscribe to the Google Workspace Enterprise plan, pricing for which is available from the sales department.