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Apple’s MagSafe batteries can be used to charge AirPods

by Joseph Richard
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Magnetic Power Bank

Apple’s MagSafe battery would also be compatible with AirPods headphones.

Remember that this is an external battery intended to be grafted to the back of the iPhone 12 .

The MagSafe Apple battery also for AirPods

A few days ago, Apple made its MagSafe external battery official. A magnetic battery to hang on the back of an iPhone 12 in order to give it a little juice (but not too much) and displayed at the price of ksh 13,886. In all likelihood, the latter will also be able to recharge the battery of your AirPods .

Indeed, via Twitter, an owner of the precious battery put on it the charging case of his AirPods, and the charging immediately started. Rather convenient therefore, since we can use a single charging accessory to charge two Apple products, without the slightest cable.

It remains to be seen now how this small MagSafe Apple battery will behave “in real conditions”, since it only carries 1,460 mAh and allows charging at a rate of only 5 W

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