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Garena Free Fire OB29 Update Features. Can I Download Garena Free Fire on PC?

by Intizar Ali
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Garena Free Fire is a top action and battle Royale game developed and published by Garena. It is the most famous and popular action game with advanced features. The graphics of the game are very beautiful, and it includes many plants in its maps.

There are different items in the game like character, pet, map, vehicles, weapons, etc. It is fully featured with modern technology and has great action gameplay.

It is released for both Android and iOS users, and you can play it on any device. You can also download Garena Free Fire on PC with the help of Android emulators.

Garena Free Fire OB29 Update

The top action game Garena Free Fire updates its features and brings new things regularly. One month ago, the OB28 update of Garena Free Fire was released for its players.

In this update, the players experienced multiple changes in the game and enjoyed the new updates. In this update, many new things were added in Garena Free Fire.

After this update, the developers of Garena Free Fire decided to bring a new update to the game. This new update is named OB29 update. The developers released the official notes for this new update, and they will be available in the advanced server in the next few days for global players.

In this new update, many changes were made in the game, but the game’s map is the same. In each update, we will see new characters, skins, emotes, weapons, etc. Like the previous update, the players will see a new item in the game. Two new characters will be added to the game, and also a new pet will be released. You will get a new bike and a boat after this new update.

A new gun is also waiting for you in the OB29 update. The players expect this new update will provide them more adventure and make Garena Free Fire more popular. In this article, we will discuss the OB29 update in detail.

New Characters

We know that in every update of Garena Free Fire, we see new characters. In this new update OB29, two new characters will be introduced in the Free Fire.  These new characters are Snowelle and Sverr.

Here we discuss them in detail.


Snowelle is a new female character released in  Garena Free Fire in the OB29 update. This new character is a lab researcher; she is an expert in robotics and nanotechnology. Nano Nerves is the specialized skill of this character, and it is very useful against enemies.

With this skill, Snowelle can stop the enemy from converting  EP to Hap conversion and not allow them to use their active skill. This new character is very powerful in modern technology, and it was released the first time in the OB25 update, but now it arrived the first time in Advanced Server.

This new character has many abilities, and there are six levels of its performance. At each level, it can perform uniquely.


The Sevrr is also a new character, and it is hoped to be released along the Snowelle. This character is an MMA fighter. It was first released before Snowelle in OB24, but it was not released before in advance server.

The active skill of this character is named Going Berserk, and this skill increases the damage. It also reduces the HP of enemies, and there are different levels of its working.

Therefore, the performance of this character is different at different levels. Mostly it works by consumption of HP, and on each level, its HP consumption is different.

New Pet

In the OB29  update, a new pet will also be introduced for the Garena Free Fire game players. Unfortunately, there is no information about the pet’s name, but according to the notice, this new pet will be good for the players, and they will get good help from it.

New Gun

We know that there is an important role of guns in the Garena Free Fire game. The game is full of various types of guns with different features. Modern and ancient guns are available in this game, and in every new update a new gun is introduced to the game.

For example, in the OB29 update, a new gun will be introduced in the game named Wichita MK-40. The firing rate of this gum is very high, and also it has a higher range. This new gun will be a favorite gun for many players.

New vehicles

In OB29, new vehicles will also be launched in the game. There will be a new bike and a boat in Garena Free Fire after this update.


According to the patch notes, a new boat will be introduced in the game in the OB29 update. This new boat will help the players to travel in the water. The boat will be available on Kalahari and Purgatory maps.


In the trailer of OB29 on YouTube, we can see a new scooter in the game, and we hope that the scooter will be launched in this new update. So the players will enjoy a new scooter in Garena Free Fire.

How to Download Garena Free Fire on PC?

We know that there are billions of Garena Free Fire players in the world. There are multiple devices on which the players can play this game, like smartphones and tablets. But for better results, many people play this game on PC. And some want to know how Garena Free Fire can be played on PC. Android emulators help you to play this game on PC and the top Android emulator to play Garena Free Fire on PC is LDPlayer.

Is LDPlayer Safe?

We know that in the market, there are multiple unverified and dangerous apps available. So you think that LDPlayer is safe or not. LDPlayer is a 100% and secure Android Emulator because experts develop it, and they make it free from viruses and junk files. So do not hesitate to use LDPlayer.

How to Download LDPlayer?

1. Visit the official website of LDPlayer and click on Emulator.

2. Tap on the download button and wait for a few moments.

3. Install it after downloading.

4. Open it to play Garena Free Fire and other popular games on PC.

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