Can large groups play together in an escape room?


Yes, large groups can play together in an escape room. The number of players can range from eight to twenty, allowing many people to play the game comfortably and still be proficient in solving the puzzles.

In-person or virtual escape rooms for large groups have become popular for small businesses to help enhance employee communication skills and productivity. Large groups mean more clues to solve, thus giving everyone a chance to help uncover the riddles and have fun.  

Signs and riddles for large groups for escape rooms

Escape rooms like Fox in a Box Seattle need that you and your team collectively strive together to solve the challenges and riddles inside the room and show your team bonding within the limited time frame.

Here are the rules to keep in mind while playing Escape Room Games-

1)Allocate roles to your team members

When you are playing with a larger group in Escape rooms then you have to give a lot of roles to your team members for more efficacious play. Given below are some key roles:

  1. a) Leader

The “Leader” is the captain of the team who leads the whole group. He aims at the ultimate goal of the group and allocates tasks to every team member. Each player has to outline their discovery to the leader from time to time.

  1. b) Searcher

The “Searcher” is a team member who aims at locating things. Escape rooms are full of articles and objects that could be in the form of hints or puzzles, either hidden or visible. The searcher examines all the corners of the room to collect clues and riddles and brings them out in the open so that the group members can notice them.


The “Organiser” gets hold of the articles and objects that the searcher has found and arranges the clues in a sequence to find any figure or pattern. For instance, if there is a puzzle to design a bird in a frame by using the scattered fragments, then the organizer will be the one to arrange the fragments in the puzzle.

A person can take up more than one role. Everybody has to give their best to contribute to the team development.

Usual Escape Room Problems-

Different escape rooms like this orange county escape room have different kinds of puzzles belonging to discrete categories. Here are some specified categories offered in Escape rooms-

  1. a) Physical

Physical riddles are ordinary. You are supposed to find the hidden key hidden in the drawers or cabinets with locks on them showing up a clue to solve. Then your team has to arrange the physical riddle pieces to find a clue.

  1. b) Words and numbers

The riddles also include words and numbers that you locate inside the room. You need to resolve the crossword or any other riddle hanging inside the room. You may also find unscrambled letters to form a correct word. Mathematical symbols or signs may also be there to solve a simple question ultimately showing you the number required to open the lock.

c)Voice and vibrations

You may also hear a sequence of sounds around, that may convey you a message in code words. You must keep your physical senses active to sense the ambiance and solve the puzzles.

600UT Escape Room Games

You can choose a 600UT escape room for your large group which provides you with enticing and appealing escape room adventures. It has special themes and multiple locations. 600UT visualizes more games for you to play. The escape rooms are filled with adventurous riddles that need team bonding to solve, making them ideal for a large group to play with. 600UT escape rooms are privately booked so you need to worry about playing with strangers.

How can large groups easily play Escape Room Games?

The players are bolted inside a room and given one hour to get out. All the groups of people are assigned different roles to find clues and solve puzzles. The work is distributed collectively to accomplish the tasks and escape from the room before the time runs out. Playing escape room games in a large group develops the sense of team building and team bonding. Solving puzzles in a group becomes more exciting and adventurous. Later on, you are going to share the experience of how you managed to solve the riddle in a limited time.


Escape room games instills us with good qualities like developing brain functions and increasing our intellect. When you play in a group then it helps to develop team skills. You can communicate with each other and this improves your communication skills as well.