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Reasons Why It’s Time To Sell Your Old iPhone

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Tech is ever-changing and it seems like there’s a new launch every week. One type of tech that this applies to is the smartphone. From the latest Samsung, which has gone retro with a foldable design, to the release of Apple’s iPhone 13 range, which is due to go on sale in September, there are plenty of options on the market right now.

As we all live our lives on our smart devices now, getting the best phone for our budget is a top priority if we want to keep connected with friends and loved ones. In fact, these smartphones have, in many ways, helped us to get through the events of the last year.

But what do we do with the phones we no longer need? It can be tempting to keep them in a drawer gathering dust, never to be looked at again. However, it’s worth selling that iPhone 11 on. Here are some reasons why.

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It’s getting old

This is probably one of the top reasons why we stop using our iPhones – and it’s a good reason to sell it on. We’ve already touched on how quickly technology moves on. For those who want the best functionality out of their iPhone, the best move can be to accept that it’s time to upgrade rather than spending time crossing your fingers that the next iOS software update will work on your old device.

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You want a better camera

If you’ve spent time taking pictures on the latest iPhone, it’s likely you’ve gone back to your old device and realised just how advanced the camera is on these more current models. Whether you love to take snaps of your loved ones or you’re an avid Instagrammer who loves nothing more than uploading your latest news to your grid, you’ll want a camera that gets the most out of the things you’re photographing.

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After you’ve sold your old model, you can look at the range of models on the market in 2021 and explore the different cameras that are available now.

Everything is slow

The battery on any smartphone deteriorates over time. As the capacity wears down, your phone will become slow and things will take longer to load. If you’ve been hanging on to your iPhone 6, it’s time to let go and move on to a model that offers full battery capacity and quick loading times.

There’s not enough storage

Older models tend to have less storage than newer versions. As time goes on, you’re likely to spend time deleting photos from your device and weighing up which apps can go so that you can still use your smartphone for the things you need day-to-day. By selling your trusty device for something new, you can use the money you get towards a phone that has a better deal on storage, both on the phone and on the Cloud.

It’s time for a change

Maybe you’re just ready for something new. That’s absolutely understandable. You’ve probably spent time caring for your old faithful, but after a while, it can be easy to want something fresh – especially when there are so many options on the market. Selling your old model will give you the chance to recycle your perfectly fine smartphone and get something more exciting.

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James Musoba
James Musoba
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