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The Future of Cryptocurrency

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Don’t you think that the current year has always been the biggest year for cryptocurrency? But since this world is a never-ending ride, one can only assume what more is there to see!

We saw Bitcoin set a new all-time high price, regulatory negotiations that could have a significant impact on the industry, and a greater institutional involvement by major firms. The interest people have always increased in cryptography this year: not only amongst investors it’s a hot topic, but also in a popular culture, through everyone from long-established investors like Elon Musk to the girl from your Facebook high school.

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It was this year for all those who invested in crypto, sheer wealth grabbing but this can’t be said for everyone. But is all this enough to predict the future of cryptocurrency?

In the following are some of the factors which can be proven helpful for the readers to predict the future of Cryptocurrency as suggested by the Forex Trader List:

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  • Given that this is the period of crypto-currency and thus a worldwide platform for everyone to invest, the legislators in Washington DC and world-wide are striving to find out how to make crypto-monetary regulations and guidelines safer for investors and less for cyber criminals. On the other hand, China renewed its efforts this year to tackle digital currencies, principally through crypto-mining, while U.S. Senators discussed new legislations to support the reporting of encrypted currencies.
  • One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, in the global crypto business, Regulation is perhaps one of the largest excesses. As with cryptocurrencies most things, regulations also have certain difficulties. Talking about rules. There are various agencies which may or may not be responsible for supervising such regulatory things, which depends on the state or country.
  • The new regulation suggested recently could make it easier for IRS to locate incidents of tax avoidance in cryptocurrency, although investors should already maintain records of any capital gains or losses on their crypto active assets, making it a bright and stable element. However, new rules can also facilitate the accurate reporting of crypto transactions by investors. Given all of the foregoing factors, many experts believe that regulatory regulations are good for industry. Sensitive regulation is winning for everyone because it gives people trust in cryptography, but it would be great if it were realized that cryptocurrency is something we have to take our time just so that we can do it right at least.
  • Another factor that possibly is showing an obvious survival of Cryptocurrency in the future is that Investors may soon have access to ETF, a new and more traditional form of investing in cryptocurrencies. An ETF cryptocurrency would allow investors to directly buy cryptocurrencies from their standard investing brokerage. Whilst still considered, the permission may lead to more people purchasing in and influenced by the crypto market as it is taken into account. You can add crypto to your portfolio straight from your own brokerage with which you already have a retirement or another conventional investing account, instead of learning to trade your digital assets in a cryptocurrency exchange.


According to experts and forex news analysis, in the coming months and many years (and many will) we can speculate what the value of cryptocurrency can be for investors, but the reality is, still a new and new speculative investment that does not have a long history to base forecasts. No one really knows what a particular expert thinks or says. This is why it’s crucial to just invest what you would lose and stick to more conventional wealth building investments. Now that you are well aware of all the possible aspects that may give you a clear idea of what the future holds for cryptocurrency, therefore it is advised to give it a read before you think of investing in the future for your future

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