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How to Spend an Unforgettable Weekend

by James Musoba
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When sounds word “weekend”, many plans, wishes, and expectations come to our mind, especially after a hard-working week. We are looking forward to going anywhere far from the routine and get some deserved rest. The weekend is the perfect time to refresh your relationship with your partner in the context of intimacy and separate time for yourselves, spend family time with kids if you are a parent, or just relax with a loved one.

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How to spend a weekend unforgettable? It seems simple to find an answer, if not the issues you can confront within your family or relationship. Searching for a romantic place and preparing lots of presents is not enough to update some aspects of your relationship. You might require a special place for only you and your partner and nobody else. You will need to talk seriously and come to mutual conclusions on how to move on. Of course, such responsible things need to be accompanied by various sensitive and carrying actions. What is it about? Here are some suggested things which you should try to include in your weekend pastime with your partner. These are the ways some people used when having marital issues, and they really helped. So, we hope they will be helpful for your relationship as well.

#1 Dilute your weekend place and do unusual things

We understand that it is very convenient for you to attend the familiar place for months or even years. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new together with your partner. Change your primitive leisure time into something thrilling. Look for a new place you have never been there with your partner for the weekend. It is an excellent opportunity to learn it and explore the surroundings as a couple. It is likely you don’t know it but are still willing to go there. Such novelties are attractive and turn on feelings like energy and adventure and become a reason for a new step in a relationship. You are doing everything together that can lead to new feelings and actions. Be risky and take some situations under your control even if you never did it before. Such unpredictable actions and decisions make you and your partner closer and arouse deep sensations to end the day with an unforgettable night.

#2 Bring turns in your intimate life

If you are a parent, then this tip is directed especially to you. We know how difficult it is for the woman who stays at home with kids and taking care of them the whole day with a mix of household duties. So at the end of the day, she feels crazy tired and wants just to get a sound sleep. On the other hand, the man works hard by accomplishing his duties and interacting with hundreds of people during a day and finally comes home back exhausted and needs to help his wife and spend the time left with kids. What happens with their intimacy, then? This is a big problem in modern families today. In this case, partners should plan in advance their weekend and think about whom they can leave the kids. Thus, they can simply book a room in a comfortable hotel, whatever it can be, — just to satisfy themselves in a flow of love. This is the time for a couple to refresh their intimacy and try something new in making love. Maybe to change the habit of having intercourse in the morning instead of night. Well, it’s up to the couple how they will build a balance in their intimate relationship then. But it is highly demanded to arrange some weekends for themselves without kids.

#3 Walk everywhere and attend parks

A good walk outside is extremely healthy and relaxing even if you get physically tired by the end of the day. Emotionally you get comfort and peace. When it comes to families with kids, there is also a range of problems parents can face. Being so busy during the week, they miss a connection with their kids. Kids need parents’ attention and feel loved. For this reason, it is recommended to gather the whole family and just go for a walk, or better to specific parks interesting for kids, like Skypark. It will be a valuable time for kids and parents: to share emotions and reactions and have some talks so missing during the week.

#4 Get massages

Such a relaxing procedure every person deserves. After a rough week of work, it is a brilliant option for a couple to leverage. You both get tired and need massages done by specialists. So, it is a nice opportunity for you and your partner to get massages and be 2 meters from each other.

#5 Try delicacies

No matter where you are located now, new food is always something exciting. Good food brings us a beauty of taste and pleasure. Usually, eating delicious is very priced, but sometimes you can afford to try it, spicing up your time with a partner for a meal. So, you can explore domestic restaurants and cuisines and find out delicacies you have never tasted before. Then, book the table with a fantastic view and spend an unforgettable time with delicious food in the accompany of your loved one.

#6 Take pictures of your journey

Whatever plan you have for the upcoming weekend, don’t forget to fix your memorable moment with a picture or take a video. But you should do it with your partner. It is nothing to compare with the memories we keep in photos. Of course, we can forget some details after a long time, but pictures help us recall those moments of pleasure and adventure we experienced in our life. Who knows, maybe later, after several years, you will look at these pictures and live the emotions again with your partner. Such memorable things can turn our lives into significant changes and motivate us to more extensive actions.

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