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Microsoft Releases the first beta version of Windows 11

by Joseph Richard
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Windows 11 was previously only available as a preview version for developers. Now Microsoft has officially released the first beta version. Thus, the installation is also suitable for those curious about the new system but who do not want to fight too many critical bugs.

The first preview version of Windows 11 has been available since the end of June, but so far, it has only been distributed via the Windows Insider Dev Channel. In a blog entry, Microsoft has now announced that the Windows 11 preview version 22000.100 is now also available in the beta channel after this version has already been tried out in the dev channel for a few days.

Users receive new versions less frequently in the beta channel, but they should have to struggle with fewer bugs and crashes. If you have tried Windows 11 in the Dev Channel so far, you can switch to the beta channel at any time, under Settings –> Windows Update –> Windows Insider Program.

Suppose you are still using Windows 10 but want to try out the new operating system. In that case, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program via Microsoft’s website and download the latest beta version – at least as long as your computer supports the new operating system because Microsoft requires at least one Intel Core processor of the 8th generation of AMD Ryzen 2000.

As usual, beta versions are not error-free, so installing them only on a second machine or partition on the hard disk is recommended. The latest version has fixed dozens of bugs and introduced some new features, such as a new design for the icon menu in the taskbar or new animations in the Windows Store.

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