What to wear for work if you’re not going back to the office


Office buildings are reopening, yet not all employees are keen on coming back. The pre-pandemic, 9-5 office lifestyle isn’t very tempting. Surprisingly or not, many companies let staff members make their own choices about whether or not to come into the office. Rather than having pre-set rules, leaders collaborate with colleagues to implement strategies that work for everyone. Individuals are happy with their communications via video conference. However, they don’t know how to make a winning impression.

When it comes to interviewing for a job, presenting to the team, or delivering a speech to a large group, it’s important to dress in proper business attire. Working from home removes some dilemmas from your life, such as “What should I wear?”. But that doesn’t mean that you should wear pajamas all day long. You should get dressed for the day as if you were going to the office. It matters if you want to be taken seriously. So, what makes the perfect working from home outfit? Keep on reading to find out.

Strike a balance between practical and professional

Among the many changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about, changes in professional attire are the most surprising. Employees have been forced to make countless adjustments when working from home, disregarding wardrobe. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to appear professionally when meeting people, even if it’s through a screen. Comfort and adaptability matter, but the remote work attire shouldn’t be too casual. Instead of lounging in your yoga pants, dress as if you were meeting people face-to-face. Selecting a killer outfit becomes difficult because you must strike a balance between dressing comfortably and professionally.

Stay ahead of fashion trends

In today’s digital era, your boss, colleagues, or clients may request a video call at all times. That’s why you should always be dressed for the occasion. You can add one or more trends to your business wardrobe. For example, did you know that a navy blazer is a staple in every well-dressed man’s closet? It pairs extraordinarily well with both trousers and jeans. You can include accessories such as a tie pin or statement glasses. The only thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years is that dressing more conservatively isn’t a crime, but a sign of respect. The moment that you understand that what you wear is aligned with your business message, you can make a solid impression.

Position your camera for the best angle

Your virtual meetings will go a lot better if you correctly position the camera. To portray a positive image and demonstrate that you really care about the meetings, get dressed and place emphasis on the angle of the display. Don’t incline your head and don’t look too much directly at the camera. Avoid locations with low light or too much light because it might leave you looking like a shadowy figure. Pay attention to what is behind you. Even if you’re used to it, the audience might be bothered by what’s in the background. So, make sure to tidy up.