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iPhone 13 Pro: High-quality photos without a Lightning connector

by Joseph Richard
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Three high-quality photos of the iPhone 13 Pro were published on the techytronics Instagram page. In addition to the slightly updated design of the primary camera, the pictures revealed another essential feature of the upcoming new product.

What the Page Published?

The photo shows the grey and purple versions of the next-generation flagship. If you look closely, you can see no Lightning connector on the lower end between the speaker grilles and the microphone. The proprietary connector is used in all Apple smartphones, starting with the iPhone 5, announced in 2012.

Earlier, there were rumours that the manufacturer from Cupertino may abandon the proprietary connector in favour of USB-C. As you can see, the flagships of the next generation may be left without any port at all. But do not exclude the possibility that the photo shows the layouts of the iPhone 13 Pro, and the commercial versions will have all the connectors in their places.

Recall that Apple will present a new generation of smartphones in the fall. The company has already begun to warn about the lack of components for the iPhone 13. As a year earlier, in the new generation and the standard edition, you will see the mini, Pro and Pro Max versions.

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