Where do you invest in as an entrepreneur? 


If you earn good money as an entrepreneur, you may wonder what to do with all that money. Do you immediately invest the largest part or do you mainly save? You can discuss this with your accountant – after all, every company is different. However, it is important to put money aside for several reasons. In this article we will give you more information about the different ‘nest apples’ that you can best maintain. 

1. Development budget and other training courses

To be able to compete on the labor market and attract employees, it is important that there is money on the side for the development budget. After all, many employees want to continue to grow and in many sectors this is also an absolute must. After all, standing still is going backwards.

In addition, there must also be a budget for mandatory training that employees must follow. This also depends from sector to sector. While companies in the offshore oil industry are obliged to provide OPITO HOIT and OIM training for employees, HR specialists often have to follow communication training. Make sure you always have a budget for this. 

2. Bonuses for achieved goals.

Bonuses are not mandatory, but can be very motivating. Are you working towards a goal with your team? Then a monetary bonus can be a nice ‘thank you’. But other bonuses can also be a nice extra. Will you win a prize? Then everyone will love a bouquet of flowers or a brownie in the mail. These kinds of little extras can have a big impact on the mood and will to work of your employees. So keep some budget aside for this. 

3. Networking events

Networking is extremely important. That is why it can be good for a company to occasionally organize a lecture or a training session or to celebrate an anniversary or the winning of a prize with a party. Although you may not get direct leads from a party, for example, it can be useful to increase your brand awareness and network among other entrepreneurs. So be sure to set aside some budget for drinks, screens and everything you need for a training, lecture or party. 

What are you saving for? Let us know!