Xiaomi’s new OLED TV comes in three sizes, and surprisingly enough, it is Cheaper


Xiaomi’s latest OLED TV is likewise planned to arrange the brilliant sky astonishingly and comes in three dimensions.

A Chinese vendor records three new Mi TVs with the new OLED age from Xiaomi, which is to be formally introduced tomorrow, 10 August. New secrets highlight far better dark and differentiation esteems. As indicated by Redmi chief, Xiaomi needs to make the new OLED TV generation all the more broadly accessible and likely less expensive.

For a few days at this point, not just Mi Pad 5 and Mi Mix 4 have been the focal point of the tech press. However, there are a lot of mysteries straightforwardly from the manufacturer of the new OLED TVs from Xiaomi. Rather than the previously mentioned Xiaomi phone and the latest Android tablet, there are still no breaks from the Mi TVs with the second OLED generation, regardless of whether the three sizes are known. The new OLED TVs are to go to the (Chinese) market.

The Chinese online retailer JD.com lists three models of Xiaomi OLED TV, namely 55 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches. Prices and other specifications are not yet known. Since yesterday, however, new teasers have appeared on Xiaomi’s TV product page on the Chinese network Weibo. After the trip to the gaming world yesterday, new teasers have improved image quality as their theme. Accordingly, improvements are expected, especially in black level and contrast, especially since Xiaomi advertises the new TVs with the perfect reproduction of a starry sky.

Meanwhile, there is legitimate hope that Xiaomi will launch the new OLED TV generation cheaper than the previous Mi TV Master series, which is only available in China. We read this, at least from the announcement by Redmi boss Lu Weibing on Weibo, that OLED is the manufacturer’s focus this year and should reach significantly more people than before. It is exciting that this comes from the” cheap brand ” Xiaomi, which makes us suspect that it will also be about lower prices. Whether we in Europe will benefit from the new Xiaomi OLED TV generation remains to be seen. So far, there are only LCD models from Xiaomi in this country.