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The Ethnic Groups Residing in Malaysia

Malaysia is a magnificent Southeastern country. The beauty of this country is that many ethnic groups are living in this country. Many foreigners envied this country because all the ethnic groups of Malaysia lived in harmony. The main ethnic groups residing in Malaysia are Indians, Malays, Chinese, and other Bumiputra groups. The Malaysian population is composed of 6.7% of Indians,50.1% Malays, and 22.6% of Chinese. Moreover, Bumiputra groups account for 11.8% of the population and non-native people in the society consist of 8.2% of the Malaysian population. The different ethnic groups living in  Malaysia make it a diverse multicultural nation with different foods, cultures, customs, and religions. Do you want to know more about these ethnic groups? For this, you must go for professional translation services. With the help of these services, you can understand the cultural diversity well and can live with them in harmony.


As we know that Indian Malaysians are 6.7% of the entire population of Malaysian people. They include further subgroups like Punjabis, Telegus, and  Tamils. Tamils are composed of 86% of Malaysian Indians. They came to Malaysia in the 18th and 19th centuries during the era of foreign rule. They are the laborers who came to construct railways, and work in rubber and oil estates and work for plantations in Malaysia. Tamils that came from Sri Lanka are Ceylon. They are English educated people and are working as a clerk, public servants, doctors, and hospital assistants in Malaysia. Moreover, they are doing half of the white-collar jobs. The Indian Punjabis are enrolled in the Malaysian army. More of them are practicing Hinduism, Sikhism, and Islam. To your surprise, the Muslims of South Asia have married Malay Muslims and become a part of the Malaysian nation.  To work properly in any foreign country and to become a part of a foreign nation, you must understand their language. So Indian Malaysians must go for Malay translation services to lead a peaceful life without any communication barriers.

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As Malays account for 50.1% of the Malaysian population so they are the largest ethnic group in the country. They are native to the country so they practice Islam and follow Malaysian culture. This shows that Muslims of any cast in Malaysia are considered Malay if they practice Malaysian culture. It is the largest community in the country speaking Malay language as an official language of the country. We will find most of the Malay people in the political landscape of the country. They are greatly influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, and animism. The parts of their culture that depict these sects have been banned since the 1980 and 1990s because of the Islamization movement. To get more insight into Malays, you must go for Malay translation services. You can get a better understanding of them if you read about them in their native language.  

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Chinese Malaysians are the second largest ethnic group in Malaysia. Chinese people started migrating to Malaysia in the nineteenth century. Therefore they have been living here for a century. The best part of the Chinese is that they are doing trading and business in this country to boost their economy. Initially, when they came, Chinese people used to work in tin mining and railway construction. These businesses have become large firms now. These people follow the religion of Buddhism and Taoism. The Chinese people have emerged in Malaysian culture. They prefer to get married in different ethnic groups that resulted in the formation of a new culture that follows both Chinese and Malaysian rituals. Do you want to know more about Chinese Malaysians than take the assistance of Chinese translation services? You will get to understand their mixed rituals well in their mother tongue.

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