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Chrome will uphold multi-window on Android 12

by Joseph Richard
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So far, restricted to a single window, Google Chrome will permit Android 12 to utilize several new windows. There is no question here of dividing the screen between Google chrome and another App but to launch the browser a couple of times.

The single application launched on various occasions

If the subject of why this functionality is not yet conceivable. Then the main explanation, which is presently not so substantial in 2021, is that phones have since a long time ago needed Power for this sort of component. However, for quite a while, most likely that our mini handhelds with processors and RAM  are more productive than a PC gaming Windows XP is fit for it.

So far, Google Chrome on Android only allows to open multiple tabs, or even recently, several groups of accounts. It is also possible to open the browser and share the screen with a second application for most current smartphones. But where Google wants to go is towards a multiple opening of Chrome.

If you had installed Chrome on your smartphone several times, it would be possible on Android 12 to launch the application up to five times to better organize its tasks. An opening for work, another for personal research, etc. XDA has spotted the feature in the source code of Chromium and Android, and there is no doubt that it will be formalized in the coming weeks.

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