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Instagram Has Started To Notify Users That The Swipe Up Gesture Will Be Unavailable And Replace With Stickers

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Instagram has started to notify users that the swipe up gestures and replace them with stickers.

Instagram has started to notify users that the swipe-up gesture to access links is going away on August 30. The company will use a new link sticker instead.

As noticed by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who usually breaks news about features social networks are developing, Instagram is getting rid of the swipe-up gesture to access links.

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Then, YouTuber Sam Sheffer shared the message some users are receiving on the Instagram app:

Swipe up links will soon be stickers

Starting August 30, swipe up links will go away. To add a link to your story, use the new link sticker.

With Instagram finally getting rid of the swipe-up links feature, it will be one less function differentiating users with more than 10K followers or verified from other Instagrammers.

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As it appears, the link sticker feature will be available to all users. In June, Instagram started to test this function with a small group. At that time, The Verge reported that “these stickers will operate the same way a swipe-up link does, except with a tap instead of a swipe. This also means that people will be able to respond to stories that include a sticker, something that is not possible on stories with a swipe-up link.”

Since it’s been more than two months that tests started, Instagram seems satisfied with it and will start rolling out this new feature next week. As for now, it’s unclear how this feature will roll out to all users and whether there will be any limitations on who can use a link sticker.

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How do you feel about this change? Do you think this feature will make a difference?

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