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Facebook Messenger celebrates ten years with the integration of 10 new features

by Joseph Richard
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The first mobile version of Facebook(Instant Messenger) is celebrating its  10th birthday party today with some cool new features. Some of these features are already being used across the Atlantic.

Ten Years today the Facebook Messenger was launched. It is one of the most chat applications globally, with WhatsApp and WeChat following suit. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Facebook is launching new components designed to bring together friends and families.

However, many of these features are only available to users belonging to the united states. Here are some of them

Celebrate your birthday on Messenger

The first of the new features unveiled by Facebook is named Poll Games. It is akin to sounding games, which will gently annoy his contacts with group questions, way ” who is most likely to. ” For example, it will be possible to ask his friends,” Which one is more likely to fight zombies while everyone is running away ? “or ” which one is most likely to go to see a PSG match while he is a supporter of OM? “The option will be accessible via the small + button on the bottom of the screen.

Facebook Messenger also allows its US users to send or receive birthday gifts in the form of money disguised as a gift card, all via Facebook Pay. Of course, these features come with a new “birthday” discussion theme and a sticker pack. It will also be possible to blow out candles thanks to augmented reality effects or make balloons and confetti appear, all directly in conversations. Note also the arrival of a birthday song based on “soundmojis,” among the novelties.

Even more fun conversations

Facebook now allows users to share Facebook contacts on Messenger for ease of contact sharing. The other big novelty is the personalization of conversations. Facebook has also created new word effects for its instant messaging. Specifically, certain words will directly trigger effects as soon as they are entered into certain conversations. This will not be done by itself. It will indeed be necessary to take a little tour in the settings of the conversation, to associate a word with the emoji of his choice, the emoji being first suggested by default by Facebook.

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