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Which smartphone to choose for a student in 2021

Let us have a chat today in the Comment section, What Smartphone should a youth choose, while having the idea at the back of our minds that Money is a factor here. Do students need a phone? I bet you heard that right. In the modern world we are in and the Impacts of the Coronavirus since the start of 2020. A smartphone is a very important tool when it comes to not only entertainment but also education.

What do you look for when choosing a smartphone for your environment

Most of us revolve around which device has better specs than the other while also considering what our Pockets could allow us to spend on. First, when going out for a purchase, you should assume that the Model of the smartphone has been selling on the market. After which, you have to check if the Manufacturer of that Model supports Android Updates whenever they are rolled out. Of late, Xiaomi and Nokia have been doing a good job with Android updates. The same situation applies to One Plus and Samsung Smartphones.

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Another wise factor would be considering the Volume of RAM(Random Access Memory). Going below 4GB of RAM should be a serious crime committed, and you ought to be Jailed during this time. For the external memory, something like 64GB of memory is fine, but all this comes down to whatever the student/child/youth will be doing with the gadget. Luckily enough for android 10 and 11 smartphones. The respective operating systems use about  22 GB of memory. By the way, we are talking about the smartphone’s memory. Who would want to own a smartphone that keeps lagging? Therefore a smartphone with at least a memory speed of UFS 2.1 and higher is ideal.

I would probably buy my child a smartphone with a bigger screen. This could help avoid eye strain when they are watching educational videos, Learning, or Zoom. 6.5-inch screens would do what it does best here. Again this comes with a great price, and maybe you have just purchased a Samsung smartphone. Remember that Samsung screens are very costly to replace. A screen protector and nice case is perfect, especially that children aren’t so careful always.

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To cut off the many words I have spoken, let’s dive into the specific models we have today?

Poco M3

Xiaomi Poco M3

The smartphone costs around Ksh 27,499, but at Jumia, you will find the same variant at Ksh 14,900. This smartphone has 4G RAM,128GB memory, a 6.53-inch 1080p+ screen, Android 10 (with MIUI 12 interface), and 662 Chipset from Qualcomm plus a 6000 mAh battery supported by 33 Watt charge. Why don’t you try the Poco f3 model that runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G chipset if this doesn’t amaze you?  

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One Plus Nord N100


Second, I would regret a smartphone on our list, pretty much if  I can’t mention it—the smartphone Costs around Ksh 16,499(4/64GB version). The smartphone currently runs on an android 11,6.52 inch screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. I Like the Poco M3. This smartphone also runs on a processor from Qualcomm(Snapdragon 460). The Model has a decent 5000 mAh autonomy with an 18Watt charge.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Nord 10 5G

If you prefer smartphones from OnePlus and the Nord N100 doesn’t bring the best out of you, you can opt-in for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. Again with this Model, you will have to settle for Android 11, which is pretty nice. The smartphone costs around KSH 28,000(A bit expensive). Anyway, with that price, you will get a 6.49-inch with 90HZ refresh rate,690 chipsets from Qualcomm, 6/128 Gb Memory, and finally a 4300 mAh battery with a charge of 30 Watts.

Galaxy A70

Galaxy A70

At a price of  Ksh 38,000 segment, Samsung takes pride in the Galaxy A32 5G or the slightly dilapidated Samsung Galaxy A70 released back in 2019. A70  currently runs on Android 11; however, it is now on the List of smartphones receiving Android 12 from the Manufacturer. This is not very comfortable for Samsung, especially if its nearest competitor Xiaomi is showing better results at the same price segment in pushing their smartphones to have the latest security updates. Currently, Xiaomi has 15 of its models waiting, while Samsung has only two. Galaxy A32 5G has a 5000 mAh battery with a 15 Watt charge, Galaxy A70 has 4500 mAh with a 25 Watt charge.

Galaxy a32 5g

Still at Samsung, if you have a budget less than KSH 40,000 on a smartphone, the Galaxy A52 comes in with an AMOLED display of a 90 Hz screen and refresh rate. The smartphone is presented in two versions, 8/256GBand the 6/126GB. The smartphone has a 4500 mAh battery with a charge of 25 Watt.

Nokia 5.4

Nokia 5.4

Jumia offers us Nokia 5.4 at Ksh 20,000 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The device will provide you with a 720p+ screen, 662 chipsets from Qualcomm, and a 4000 mAh battery with a slow 10 Watt charge. The device might get Android 12.

Motorola Moto G30

Moto G30

Another Interesting Choice that I would have to today if I were to buy a Kid’s smartphone. The smartphone has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory at a price of around Ksh 12,150. In addition, you will also find a  6.5-inch screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 662, Android 11, IP7 certified, plus a 5000 mAh battery with a 15 Watt charge.

What TechMoran Says:

Half-past mid-year 2021, Xiaomi has already stand out, especially after beating Samsung Hands down. However, the problem with the Xiaomi smartphone is a lot of bugs with its Softwares. Samsung still has a long way to go considering if it improves in areas of memory speed, water resistance. Hopefully, you will make the right choice when buying a phone for your child.

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