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Apple’s AR / VR headset will need an iPhone to express its full potential

by Joseph Richard
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We’ve been hearing about it for several months now. According to some sources, Apple would work well on an augmented reality headset (or even a VR headset) and autonomous. At least, that’s what the first reports claimed. Indeed, this famous device may ultimately require a connection with an iPhone to demonstrate all its capabilities thoroughly.

Since last January, rumors have been circulating insistently about an AR (for ” augmented reality “) / VR (for ” virtual reality “) headset imagined by the famous Apple brand. This object should be marketed as early as next year at a price of around 1,000 dollars. Suffice to say that it will not be within reach of all purses, but it is a habit for a product stamped Apple.

Anyway, a report relayed by The Information this week calls into question the autonomous aspect of the headset. Indeed, if we believe these last details, the device will require a wireless connection with an iPhone to unlock its true potential. Thus, used without going through a smartphone, the headset could restrict its fundamental capabilities.

At the moment, The Information specifies that users will probably have to download a dedicated application to bridge the gap between the iPhone and the augmented/virtual reality headset. Thus, iPads could also fulfill this role, but nothing is yet confirmed at this level.

According to other corridor noises, the helmet in question should carry a total of 15 cameras, MicroLED screens, and even eye-tracking technology to guarantee an unparalleled immersion. Of course, it will be up to Apple to confirm (or deny) these details in the coming weeks and months. Recall that the Cupertino firm would also work on smart glasses whose release would be scheduled in 2025.

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