Zimbabwe Has Issued A Public Apology To A Kenyan YouTuber Over Mistreatment At Airport


Zimbabwe has issued a public apology to a Kenyan YouTuber over mistreatment at the airport.

African countries are supposedly meant to be safer for other African’s especially when it comes to colour, but unfortunately, there are still many African authorities who assume that their fellow Africans are the ones stealing from them.

Fortunately for Mercyline Masanya she had her online presence which came to her rescue after her unpleasant ordeal at the hands of the immigration officials at the Robert Mugabe International airport in Harare.

Mercyline accused the Zimbabwe officials of profiling her and also accused the country’s main airport of demanding a bribe.

Via a statement on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage also confirmed that investigations were underway to get to the bottom of the incident. Due to the fact that her story was trending on Twitter, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage issued a response and wrote:

Where else has she been?

What the officials weren’t aware of is the fact that Mercyline has visited Gambia, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda recently, she stated that her interest to travel was to be able to document the Africa story and accepted the apology.

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