Important things to consider when finding a new business premises 


Whether you have a small business looking for its first premises or an established business looking for an upgrade, finding the perfect place to base your business is an exciting time. It can become easy to find yourself being swept away in that excitement. Far too many companies fail early on due to a lack of attention to detail, such as poor consideration of where they should be situated or how to connect with their customer base. Therefore, it pays to bear in mind a few simple yet important things that will help you find a suitable space for your business needs. 


One of the most important aspects of taking on new premises, either business or personal, is insurance, yet it is often overlooked due to perceived issues with cost. While someone living in a cheap apartment might be able to wing it without contents insurance, it is not a gamble you want to take with a business due to the number of things you could potentially find yourself liable to. In the case of a mishap on your premises that would see a liability claim made against you, for the most part, General Liability Insurance will be sufficient, although be sure to check if you need additional liability insurance, such as commercial auto insurance. A reputable injury lawyer is not looking to harm your business or put you out of business; however, where there is a legitimate claim to be made, the cost will not be insignificant, so having the right insurance is a must.

Location and access 

By paying attention to the location of any potential premises, you take on, you can maximize its worth to your business. An office that doesn’t have customers coming in will suit a complex with little pedestrian traffic going past the front door. In contrast, a shop or café will directly benefit from having a shop front that can take advantage of pedestrian footfall. Consider all the types of people visiting your premises, a physio or similar business that has a lot of people with limited mobility won’t do so well in a third-floor office with no lift, whereas the customer base for an accountant is generally going to be less fussed about a short stair climb.


The facilities within your potential space should not be overlooked. A small office with one bathroom and a snug kitchen space will be suitable for a small workforce, but should you have more than three or four people working for you at the same time, and then you will need to make sure there is enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably and legally. If you have staff and a customer base that requires parking, choosing a room outside to allow for this is a good idea. Dedicated business complexes may have other facilities that will benefit, such as a commercial park that has a café on-site and included security to give staff and customers peace of mind.