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4 Off-Beat Web Design Tips to Make Even Boring Financial Portals and Services Look the Part

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If it is taking too much time for your visitors to figure out what you are trying to sell, then probably your design needs a complete revamp. There are several ways in which your design must speak for itself rather than the use of text to explicitly tell your visitors you are selling a specific product. Design related to your product is important so that it can connect instantly with the visitors. 

Apart from the obvious factors, there are some off-beat ones too that can create a good design for numerous products and services. For small businesses and startups, it is imperative that they design a website that looks cool and awesome and attracts their target audience in hordes. 

Please go through this blog as I discuss four off-beat tips to design outstanding websites that attract eyeballs.  

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1. Scrolling Transformations 

As soon as we start browsing through a page, scrolling is perhaps the first activity we do. Every time a user scrolls down the page, they are interacting with the page rather than just navigating through it.  There can be several factors that can be applied here such as anyone moving through their fingers or using a mouse over a link, every activity can start a new response from the page to make it highly interactive. 

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Any such action as mentioned above is participating from the visitor and that’s where the website gets more chances to engage them. The users can interact with a website through scrolling and that’s where the designers and developers can get their act right. The visual feedback received from the user can make things spicier for a company. Changes in the color of the links, animated transitions, and changes in the design for a mouse-over are just some of how a website can engage the visitors. 

2. Text-Only Hero Images

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A hero image is an oversized banner image at the top of a website. Think of it as a huge banner that looks quite prominent. The hero image serves as the first introduction of the company to the visitor and as it is placed at the top of a website, it gets the full width of the screen. 

When we talk about text-based hero images, font size and typography play an important role. Hero images related to the text can be referred to in most of the advertisements we see in newspapers and magazines. The requirement of an image is certainly not necessary if it can serve the purpose well with only the text. The font and its size can play an important role in making a text-only hero image make a lasting impact and does the trick for any company.

Removing the typical background image and replacing it with eye-catching typography can be great visually.  Some of my readers may think that a text can replace an image, but a text-only hero image is not what you think. And I am sure that you must have gone through it without knowing it. A bold and unique font can get the users’ attention, so make a good strategy in this regard to get to your goal. 

3. Vintage Colors and the Use of Retro Images 

In the last two years, Nokia has launched several phones that were based on their best-selling phones of the past. Nokia 3310 and other models were lapped up by their customers. One of the best reasons for this consent was that vintage things still get good reception even after several years have gone by. The same can be true for other designs is vintage colors and designs of yesteryears that are revered by the visitors of several websites.

The older we get we look back on our past and think of it as the best part of our lives. If a website through its design and concept can bring back the vintage feeling, most of the time it can hit the bull’s-eye. That is why nowadays businesses are thinking about getting it right when it comes to nostalgic feelings about web design.

Similarly, retro images also play an important role in making a vintage design work wonder. You can make a vintage design with a contemporary one. With the clever use of fonts and typography, everything can fall into place so that web design can be offered to your target audience which looks ultra-trendy with a hint of vintage design.

4. Data Visualization 

In essence, data visualization may not be the cup of tea for most websites. But if dealt with full expertise, this can also bear fruit for all the websites and e-commerce portals for any product or service. That is where help from the best web design company can offer exceptional assistance to you. 

Data visualization is all about offering a visual description of data but communicating boring and extensive data in an engaging way is not every person’s cup of tea. There can be several ways in which it can be done and data visualization, if done right, can make visitors look at it with much interest. 

Data visualization creates images out of your data but in a fun and engaging way that doesn’t sound boring. In your face data can be hard to digest, especially if it is in large quantities, but with data visualization, this can be done with aplomb. Think of info graphics and animations where data comes to life in a way that is relevant to everyone, rather than in the same boring way that resembles a spreadsheet. 

Over to you 

I am sure that most of my readers would like to get engaged with this topic as some of the aspects are truly offbeat yet highly appealing. Comment and start a meaningful discussion with other readers of this blog.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or have any questions, don’t be shy. You are free to speak your heart out so that there is no ambiguity in your mind concerning any aspect discussed here. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 

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