Five must-have when you go for glamping 


Accessories and technical stuff are important no matter where you live, or what you do. However, when it comes to traveling, one must never ignore the necessary electronics and safety products. Otherwise, he would feel stuck. 

Even though glamping is a pretty comfortable sort of traveling, with all the amenities, still one needs to make a checklist of all the products required. Even though many people will tell you that the only thing that matters for glamping is the service provider and undoubtedly there are many competing companies like working hard to deliver the best amenities, but still you should work out a plan to make your experience even better.

In this article, we have mentioned the five most needed accessories for glamping and traveling. You can customize this list too, but in our opinion, these are essentials, as one would compromise on his fun and safety by skipping any of these.  

A cell phone charger 

This would be a different charger. Unlike the one that needs electricity. Visit the nearby grocery store, and you will find plenty of portable chargers. The size, capacity, or the number of portable chargers you will need depends on your stay outside, and the availability of electricity, which will be rare. 

You must find a compatible portable charger, with compatible cables. So that you must not get troubled. A charger that can charge different devices along with your mobile phone is preferable. 


Sunscreen is the basic protection from the sun, every individual should have. Regardless of him being on a tour or not. However, traveling to mountains can increase the risk of suntan, therefore you must cover your skin with sunscreens of more than 50 SPF. 

A list of the necessary contacts 

You will need to contact different people. Keep in mind that no matter how reliable the glamping company is still you must keep a small booklet with you having all the necessary emergency numbers. It should also have some of your relative’s numbers. Yeah, you read it right, I wrote “booklet” instead of mobile phone, because you might lose your mobile. 

The internet device 

Internet is the main thing, wherever you go. You must be wondering that the service providers will also be giving you a non-stop internet connection. Undoubtedly this would be on their list. However, when you are out and away from your home, you never know where you will need the internet. 

The first aid box 

The first aid box having your medicines is necessary. Here again many will tend to rely on the service providers, but it would not be the best option. There are different medicines exclusively needed by you, thus, for the safe side, it is better to have your medicine box. 


It would not be smart to rely only on the glamping service providers. They would not have everything, therefore, it is better to have your accessories. A few devices like torches and chargers are necessary.