Thursday, June 30, 2022
Thursday, June 30, 2022
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A new exciting opportunity is here! EnergyCoin has been acquired by Bitcoin Pro.

by James Musoba
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With the fast-paced nature of the cryptocurrency industry, it’s no wonder this acquisition was finalized so quickly. It’s evident that Bitcoin Pro had their eyes on acquiring EnergyCoin as soon as these talks began. Being known for innovation and rapid expansion, Bitcoin Pro has brought plenty of value to crypto investors over the years. With talks ranging from financial literacy courses to possibly starting their trading platform, Bitcoin Pro has a few reasons for acquiring EnergyCoin. 

Details On the Acquisition

Adapting to the wants and needs of investors is paramount for companies like Bitcoin Pro and EnergyCoin to thrive. In a realm where long-term success can be volatile and even short-lived, it can be challenging to make the proper decision for your business. EnergyCoin has been vocal about its roadmap before the company officially established its business.

Aside from having technical financial knowledge, the website is perfect for traders looking for financial guidance with their portfolios and the crypto market. The website creators have made it clear that their acquisition isn’t a move in desperation, yet an opportunity for new doors to open for both companies. 

With the volatility of cryptocurrency and the market as a whole, Bitcoin Pro has taken a more aggressive approach to its new business relationships. The acquisition will give the platform majority control of EnergyCoin, allowing them to utilize their resources and propel it to new heights. As you keep reading, you’ll find details on both companies, such as website features, business operations, and more.


The New Roadmap of EnergyCoin

This acquisition will propel the trajectory of EnergyCoin forward with the help of BitcoinPro. They’ll be able to combine resources and expand their market reach while collaborating on new services to offer traders in the crypto market. Going into the pandemic, the cryptocurrency industry saw an influx in businesses as well as investors. 

EnergyCoin understood that the influx of new investors caused a rise in demand for reliable and trustworthy financial services concerning cryptocurrency. There will always be those handfuls of companies that exist solely to take advantage of the inexperienced trader. As they’ve had a high-security rating amongst their users since the beginning, EnergyCoin already has a decent track record amongst its current reach. 

There are numerous reasons why EnergyCoin would be interested in taking Bitcoin Pro’s acquisition offer. Even though there are many upfront benefits to an acquisition, it can still be somewhat of a gamble, especially regarding the crypto market. Below you’ll find some of EnergyCoin’s core features. 

Core Features:

  • Cryptocurrency market analysis across a wide range of top coins.
  • A dedicated team of crypto enthusiasts, computer engineers, and a background in financial analysis.
  • High-security rating amongst their users since inception.
  • Financial literacy on topics such as short and long-term investments, day trading techniques, and a newsletter subscription that provides crypto market updates and investment suggestions.
  • A smooth UI with a responsive customer support team.


How Bitcoin Pro Fits In

With a significant market reach, many more years of active industry experience, and a track history of helping traders refine their investment portfolios, Bitcoin Pro has quite a few resources that could give EnergyCoin a solid boost. Although EnergyCoin’s trajectory and road map were doing well on their own, Bitcoin Pro believes they can expedite some of their goals. 

Working in an unregulated financial space like cryptocurrency can be lucrative, but there are losses to be made when you manage your investments with improper direction. Bitcoin Pro has seen the stellar services EnergyCoin provides, and they’re sure that with some additional funding, and a bigger dev team, both sites can integrate their software and services into each other’s markets. 

To Conclude

First and foremost, neither of these companies are brokers themselves nor provide direct portfolio management services or guaranteed returns. Both companies are facilitators of healthy investment strategies and opportunities for traders all over the world. This acquisition will further their market reach and open the door for new services to aid investors and their crypto portfolios.









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