Games That Can Assist You in Improving Your Skills Working as a Data Scientist


We all enjoy playing video games from time to time to unwind, de-stress, and take our minds off work. Gaming is also a great way to escape reality and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world with more magic and action than real life. Games can also help us develop essential skills for many fields, including data science, without realizing it. This article will discuss different games that can help you improve essential skills that every data scientist should have, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, coding, pattern recognition, and data analysis. These games are enjoyable to play and will allow you to practice these skills without the stress of completing a project or following a deadline. The following are some of the games that can assist you in improving as a data scientist:

  • Conquer and Command (C&C)

We’ll begin the games list with Command & Conquer, a real-time strategy or RTS game. This is one of the first RTS games to feature an entire ensemble cast to help you progress through the story. This game introduces the player to various scenarios and tasks that must be completed. To complete these tasks and strategies efficiently, the player will need to devise a plan of action. Playing such games can help you improve your critical and structured thinking skills, critical for any data scientist’s career success.

  • Data Games

This collection of games, Data games, is perhaps the most directly related to data science on this list. These games aid in the player’s understanding of the mechanics of any video game. For example, when you play a game, the game frequently collects a large amount of data about your playing pattern, but no one ever sees this data. This collection of games allows you to view the data, perform interactive analysis, and make predictions to understand what real-world data analysis might entail.

  • The Empire of Code

Empire of code is up next. Empire of Code is a strategy, tactics, and coding-based space game. Although you can play this game without any coding skills, having them will give you a significant advantage. Because it requires you to create bots and interactive content, this game will help you improve your machine learning and artificial intelligence skills. These bots can be created using algorithms and used against your opponents. This game can also be used to learn bot building and coding in a fun and interactive way.

  • Pattern Matrix

Finding patterns is one of the essential skills for any data scientist to develop. We will need to look at data, analyze it, and find patterns and trends in the early stages of any data science project because these patterns could lead us to significant findings. Pattern Matrix is a game that can help you improve your pattern-finding and analytical skills.

  • Lumosity Games

Last but not least is a collection of games developed by Lumosity Games that will help you work on improving your problem-solving skills through a series of fun interactive games. This game collection is intended to help you improve your planning, spatial reasoning, and logical reasoning abilities.

As a data scientist, one is constantly learning, and one’s learning journey is never truly completed. The deeper one gets into the field, the more knowledge they will require. This is due to a variety of factors, including the fact that data science is a vast field in which you cannot truly master all of its branches and that data science, like any other tech field, is constantly evolving progressing.