How Pet Owners Can Keep Their Cars Clean


Pets, being a part of the family, have always been a part of our lives. They have been there for us through the good and bad times. A lot of people keep pets for their companionship and to satisfy their need for love and affection. Pets are important and are seen as being one of the members. But what does this have to do with your car?

It’s not often the case that pets stay at home. You will likely be taking your furry friend with you in the car for trips to the beach, scenic walks, holidays, family visits or vet trips.

As long as you have a furry friend, it is a given that pet hair is everywhere; it’s on your clothes, on your furniture and even on your bedsheets. Pets shed a lot, which leads to all that fur collecting in hard-to-reach places like couches or rugs that you can’t vacuum out. When you bring this pet hair into your car, it’s tough to get rid of it.

However, if you plan ahead and tidy up after your pet, it shouldn’t be a problem for your pet to ride in the car. Here are some tips for taking your four-legged friend on journeys with you – and making sure your car is always presentable.

Try to restrict them to one zone

Making sure your pets keep to one area of your car by placing them in a crate or using a restraint such as a seat belt, will contain the dirt and fur to one area. This method will allow them to roam semi-freely while being close to you. 

Use seat covers

It’s hard and frustrating trying to control all the pet hair. Covering up or investing in a seat cover is a good idea, but if you don’t want to do that, then simply spread an old sheet or blanket over the seat or carpet. This solution will allow you to clean the hair away easily. Seat covers also have a secondary advantage as they protect the upholstery from your pet’s claws which can scratch them up.

Plan Ahead

Consider whether getting pets is in your future whekn buying or leasing your car, and use that answer to guide your seat material selection. For example, it could be easier to clean up any messes if you have leather or vinyl seats. Alternatively, you can use special fabric treatment to make your upholstery stain-resistant. This option can also be a solution for your furniture. Finally, you can protect your carpet from stains and accidents by getting heavy-duty floor mats made from rubber, which is much better at resisting spills and dirty footprints.

Don’t delay in cleaning up

When you get home, you should start cleaning right away. You can easily do this by vacuuming whatever spaces your pet occupies. In addition, use hacks, like the rubber glove trick, for a more thorough clean. This method calls for you to moisten a rubber glove, then, while wearing the glove, you rub every surface of your car to gather large amounts of hair. The rubbing motions should only be in one direction to guarantee success. You can also use this trick within the house. 

Eliminate odours

Fight pet hair and eliminate odours by vacuuming, removing excess hair from floors/mats and washing clothing items that have been in the vehicle, especially the seat covers. Some car care experts recommend using generous sprinklings of baking sodas on the fabric and floors if you notice some lingering smells. Then, leave the product as is overnight before vacuuming it off the next day. 

If all else fails, you can wash your floors with pet-safe carpet shampoos to counteract the odours. 

Prepare for eventualities

Put together and keep a cleanup kit in your car to be prepared for any emergencies. This collection may include things like wipes, carpet cleaner, trash bags and paper towels. These items will be useful if any accidents happen.

Seek professional help

Unfortunately, you cannot always guarantee that your vehicle is as clean as it can be, despite your best efforts. At this point, it is best to leave it to an expert detailing service. This avenue gives you a fool-proof method of ensuring that your car gets a deep cleaning and nothing is missed. Hiring a technician is the best option. They have an occupational advantage with access to tools and products that produce a more definitive outcome than anything you may have at home.

So book an appointment with a local detailing service as soon as you can. When you make regular detailing a part of your typical care routine, you will only benefit from the results. The best part is that putting your pet in the car for a ride will become care and stress-free.