Wear OS 3: What are New, Specs, Release & Compatible watches?


Google recently introduced an upgraded version of its smartwatch cycle revamped us the Wear OS 3 through a partnership between them and the South  Korean manufacturer, Samsung. Its formal release date has not been made public yet one thing is sure: they will eventually show up. Which smartwatch watches are designed for this OS, and how different are they from another version of OS from Google, specifically the Android Wear. This guide will spill the truth for you.

Wear OS 3 compatible Smartwatches

  • Fossil Gen 6 series          
  • Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw
  • Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS       
  • Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE
  • Mobvoi TicWatch E3

Wear OS 3 Expected Smartwatches

  • Oppo watches
  • Michael Kors
  •  Puma
  • Skagen
  •  Emporio Armani
  •  Diesel watches

What is new in Wear OS 3

Up to this point, Google has not been so willing to comment about the features of the expected Wear OS 3. However, if we still go by its  2021 conference, the manufacturer bragged about a few components such as improved performance & better battery life. Nevertheless its was until the first models of the smartwatches were out we saw what they could do.

More battery life & Improved Performance

Compared to Wear OS 2, the upgraded version promises to launch several applications 30% faster. Switching between screens has also been made more quickly than before, thanks to its enhanced Animations. Talking about its autonomy, Wear OS 3 takes advantage of the CPU’s low-power cores for specific functions, for example, measuring heartbeat or step counting. Thus more battery life as these tasks are not energy-consuming.

Tiles(Third-party app)

Tiles are simple screens located either right or left from the primary frame to get the information needed from several applications. Currently with Wear OS 3, it is possible to add tiles from third-party apps such as widgets of the applications preinstalled, weather data, and so on, which was impossible in the past. Thanks to Tiles API, developers can develop their tiles and install them on the Smartwatch via Playstore.

Easy to navigate(Shortcut)

Most importantly, users have been given the freedom of using various seen buttons on the smartwatch to launch the applications they cherish the most. For example, to open an application, you will have to double press one of the two buttons on your smartwatch

Customizable Interface by brands

This is one of the main aspects that make the Wear OS 3 stand out but currently for the South Korean Manufcaturer specifically for the Watch 4 Classic & Galaxy Watch 4.Samsung has initiated a tailored interface that is quite disntictive seen on the last Wear OS smartwatches. However, in the meantime, it is unknown whether other brands will embrace the right to customize their software interface or it is only limited to Samsung since they are on a mutual agreement with Google.

A farewell to the Wear OS app

With the turn of the events, the Wear OS App made for smartphones will eventually lose its meaning. You will no longer need it to establish a connection between your smartwatch and your Phone. For example, Google’s Wear OS app was used to configure Galaxy Watch 4 by just using your smartphone. Still, currently, it seems like Samsung is asking its users to install apps for the Galaxy Smartwatches directly without the assistance of the Wear OS App. There is no word from Google about this information, but since Samsung has given some indications, we don’t know if that other brands will follow suit

Routine Gestures by Brands

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 brought out some discoveries that many didn’t know about, for example, Routine Gestures on Wear OS 3. Google’s ecosystem forced one to push a button to launch several apps, but Samsung had different plans

Several applications on the Galaxy Watch 4 can be launched by sliding your finger from bottom to top. The purpose of the button is only to give you a quicker route to the last open apps or return to the  home frame

When will Wear OS 3 be released?

As mentioned somewhere above, the Wear OS 3 date of arrival doesn’t sound so promising with following coming Smartwatches on various markets, but at least we must appreciate the few numbers of manufacturers such as the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic from Samsung  who have the most recent updates on their smartwatches